win 7 install hp mini

  nobbyhigo 18:08 03 Jan 2015

I have been given a hp mini running windows 7 starter that is full of bloat (hp) If i do a fresh ISO install instead of the factory set up that is present on seperate partition can i still use my product key supplied

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:50 03 Jan 2015

Yes you should be able to.

PCdecrapifier is useful for uninstall the bloat you mentioned

  wee eddie 18:51 03 Jan 2015

I'm on my phone at the moment, so can't give you a link. However there is software designed specifically to remove Bloatware

  wee eddie 18:52 03 Jan 2015

Fruitbat, you're a star

  nobbyhigo 19:06 03 Jan 2015

thanks i have had decrap on it and deleted three of the bits suggested However i have been left with a stack of hp stuff which doesnt really give me any options on what to delete other than googling em to see whats what

  wee eddie 19:35 03 Jan 2015

My last Lappy was an HP and, all in all, I left theirsstuff on. Mostly harmless and some useful.

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