Win 7 HP & Google Earth Street View

  bgrave 00:59 20 Mar 2010

Hello. Is it my PC or does Google Earth Street View Crash all of the time. I have their latest program version. All I do is a few clicks forward and than everything stops.

  rdave13 01:04 20 Mar 2010

What is your download speed? For video and photos will take some time streaming, especially with Google earth, as you pan around an area.

  lotvic 01:46 20 Mar 2010

I've had same problem and sent error report each time. Probably teething troubles.

  rdave13 01:55 20 Mar 2010

Don't know about their program versions. I use Google maps, zoom in, and follow where I want to see. No need for a 'program version'?

  Technotiger 07:54 20 Mar 2010

Mine freezes sometimes, when in Street View, it is fine at all other times. Not too often to be unbearable though. As lotvic says, probably teething problems, Street View has only been locally available very recently.

  DANZIG 08:40 20 Mar 2010

..that Google Earth crashes all the time as well now when using Street View, however the online Google Maps version works a treat and is a lot faster, even works a treat on my phone.

  bgrave 17:36 20 Mar 2010

Hello and thanks for all your replies. Google Earth Street View use to be ok when Street View was only available in the London area but now it is a right pain, I digitize images on glass plates for museums etc and street view is really useful for comparison. If I try to place a marker on a specific location most of the time it all goes out of focus, I did wonder if it is a Win 7 problem. thanks again.

  bgrave 11:41 22 Mar 2010

Hello DANZIG. I have ticked this discussion but I noticed that you said that you can use street view in Google Maps; do you mean a street map or the Street View (Photographs) as in Google Earth. I looked on google maps and I could not see how to do this.

  rdave13 15:13 22 Mar 2010

Just zoom in, in Google maps and eventually you get to street view (photos).

  Woolwell 23:40 22 Mar 2010

In Google Maps there should be a yellow peg man at the top of the zoom control. Click on this and drag it to where you want a street view.

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