Win 7 Desktop internet slow c- laptops fine

  Gordon Freeman 16:13 28 Oct 2012

I have just switched from AOL to BT for internet after years with the former. No major problems with AOL except that faster Infinity is becoming available in my area.

Connected the Home Hub (Type A) and set things up. Win 7 Desktop via Ethernet as the hub is v. close to it (2 ft away). 2 laptops down stairs (1 on XP, other on Vista) connected fine wirelessly to the hub, good speed. Network printer connected into Home Hub, and all machines connect & print to it - no problem. 2 smart phones also connect to the web via wifi no problem at all.

My issue is to do with the desktop on Ethernet connection - it's unbearably slow almost to the point of not working at all and easier for me to nip downstairs and get on the laptop which connects to the web wirelessly straight away.

The desktop has a wireless card, but even this is painfully slow.

Just to see if it was the hub which might have been defective, I connected one of the laptops to it via the Ethernet lead and it connected fine with good speeds, so have reached the conclusion it's something to do with the desktop but am puzzled as to what the problem is.

Have run ccleaner, checked firewall - even disabled it and also avast, also disabled and then re-enabled the wireless card, plus uninstalled then reinstalled the Ethernet adapter, but no joy. Have done full virus (Avast) and anti-malware (MBAM & SAS) checks in safe mode and all clear.

Ironically, when in safe mode, internet connection (wired and wireless) is good on the desktop! So it appears something is loading on normal start up which is affecting the connection maybe?

Can anyone help me out on this please as it's doing my head in? Cheers

  mgmcc 22:31 28 Oct 2012

It may be that the TCP/IP stack or Winsock has been damaged in which case open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type cmd and click OK).

To repair the TCP/IP stack, at the prompt, type...

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

...and press Enter

(note the spaces in the command line). The original prompt will reappear, exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC.

To reset Winsock entries, at the prompt, type...

netsh winsock reset catalog

...and press Enter

Exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC. (If running both repairs, reboot after running the second command.)

  Gordon Freeman 22:51 29 Oct 2012

Thanks mgmcc I'll give that a try.

  Gordon Freeman 14:03 03 Nov 2012

sorry but it didn't work, so no change at this end. Thanks anyway. Am using wifi laptop to post this, not the desktop.

Not sure how, but (on the desktop) the likes of mbam are able to update through the connection when I open the application and click 'update', but IE8 is still terminally slow when I try and access the web.

However, google will open and I can type in a search which gives me results. But when I click a link, again extremely slow. Email thru outlook 2010 is received fine.

Not sure where to go from here with the desktop apart from a re-install of win 7, but not sure if that would solve the problem.

  mgmcc 14:33 03 Nov 2012

"Not sure where to go from here with the desktop apart from a re-install of win 7, but not sure if that would solve the problem."

Unless you have a particular love for Internet Explorer, you could try an alternative browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, to see if one of these works at normal speeds.

  Gordon Freeman 18:00 03 Nov 2012

thnx mgmcc - changed to firefox and lo and behold - i'm back on the web on the desktop!

I do prefer ie9 (not ie8 as stated before) but am puzzled as to why it won't work. Can I uninstall and then re-install it? I have 2 version 32 & 64 bit versions apparently.

Regardless, thanks so much for getting me connected again..much appreciated.

  rdave13 00:52 06 Nov 2012

Try resetting IE9. Your favourites will be saved but you will need to enable the add-ons one at a time. It could be one of those giving the browser problems.

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