Win 7 desktop

  staples printer cartridge 10:16 28 May 2010

I liked the little button on the taskbar which allowed me, with one click, to clear everything and go to desktop. HAving just installed win 7 I can't seem to find it - has it gone or am I being slow?

  birdface 10:26 28 May 2010

Never ever tried anything like that before.
Was it something like this.

click here

  staples printer cartridge 10:43 28 May 2010

No, it didn't close the programs, just minimised them all to the taskbar.

If I right click on the taskbar there is an option to 'Show the desktop' which is what I want...but is there a button I can add to the taskbar to do this, rather than right clicking etc.?

  wids001 11:04 28 May 2010

Try clicking in the righthand bottom corner of the taskbar

  chub_tor 11:23 28 May 2010

You don't even have to click on it, just hover the mouse over the space at the bottom far right and all the windows will go transparent allowing you to see what is on the desktop. If you then click it you will minimise all the windows.

  chub_tor 11:24 28 May 2010

For a good guide to Windows7 I recommend click here

  Tony W. 11:44 28 May 2010

I appreciate that this is not my thread but just wanted to say thank you to Chub tor for the link you provided for that excellent Windows 7 guide I recently started using 7 and this is just what I have been looking for.

  Atlantic Man 11:58 28 May 2010

Much easier way to show the desktop !!!

Hold down the windows button ( little flag button on the keyboard ) and press D.


Atlantic Man

  staples printer cartridge 12:17 28 May 2010

That's the fella - thank you wids001

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