Win 7 Defrag versus Diskeeper

  compumac 11:12 22 Aug 2011

I have been using Diskeeper Pro for some years now to automatically in the background to defrag my hard discs. It has always worked well wihout any interaction on my part. My version of Diskeeper is not the latest version and I have been wondering as to update it, but there have been comments that the defrag contained within Windows 7 negates the need for something like Diskeeper. Anyone care to comment?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:40 22 Aug 2011

Why defrag?

you should very rarely need to defrag (I haven't for at least the last 6 years)

  Graphicool1 16:20 22 Aug 2011


You only need to defrag if you are always installing and uninstalling software.

  Nontek 16:27 22 Aug 2011

I would stick with Diskeeper, I too have used the Pro version for some years, does a good job.

  compumac 17:37 22 Aug 2011

Fruitbat/\0/\ I have always defragged my PC's since the early eighties and it is hard not to continue to think along the same lines when you really needed to defrag, so it a force of habit.

Graphicool1 You could be right - I certainly do not install/uninstall software as I used to.

Nontek I have already downloaded and installed Diskeeper Pro 2011. I like it because it defrags in the background with no input from myself.

  mooly 18:27 22 Aug 2011

I just use windows own (Vista, W7 is similar) from a command prompt. Once it's run once and done defragged all file sizes subsequent runs are quick at around 2 to 3 minutes for me.

What's nice is it tells you the state of the fragmentation. Try it :)

From an elevated command prompt just type the following and press enter.

defrag c: -v -w

  bubblebubble 19:23 22 Aug 2011

The in-built is ok but definitely not as good as diskeeper 2011. The problem i've always had with the in-built is that it is way too slow and does not always make much difference. In fact it is a very 'lite' version of diskeeper! One of the best things about diskeeper now is that it prevents most fragmentation from occurring in the first place. This actually makes it much better than just a defragger and it further prolongs the life of your hard-drive.

  compumac 19:37 22 Aug 2011

Frtuitbat/\0/\ Another thought - In the early days when your PC was slowing down there were two things to do, - find and remove old/tmp etc files and defrag the PC. Inevitably the PC did perform a lot more quickly after that.

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