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Win 7 64 bit photo processor

  Toneman 18:36 26 Oct 2010

I should be grateful for recommendations as to a freebie photo processing program for Win 7 64 bit, just acquired a new lappy and didn't realise it was 64 bit!

  Toneman 18:37 27 Oct 2010

Thanks, I'll look at these. I used to use Ulead Photo Express, can anyone say whether this is available for Win 7?

  hssutton 20:06 27 Oct 2010

Yes UPE is still available and should work on Win7. I know it works ok on Vista Ultimate 64bit, but obviously only in 32bit mode.

Not sure whether it's free or not, but can be downloaded from click here

  Toneman 10:25 28 Oct 2010

Thanks, I'll give it a go.

  Toneman 18:11 28 Oct 2010

Only a month's trial, I'll use what I've got. Thanks anyway.

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