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Win 7 64 bit photo processor

  Toneman 18:36 26 Oct 2010

I should be grateful for recommendations as to a freebie photo processing program for Win 7 64 bit, just acquired a new lappy and didn't realise it was 64 bit!

  john bunyan 18:46 26 Oct 2010

Do not, yet , worry about 64 bit for photo packages. 32 bit programmes work perfectly well and are in C:/Programme Files (x86) folder. I have an expensive Photoshop CS5 which loads as both 32 and 64 bit. I mostly use the 32 bit version as there are no TWAIN scanner drivers for 64 bit for my hard and software. As to free processors, Paint is built in to W7 but there are many, including Picassa and no doubt other people will reccomend others.

  GaT7 18:50 26 Oct 2010

I would suggest the free click here. I've an older (but still very capable version of Corel PaintShop Pro), but find myself using a lot more! G

  john bunyan 18:58 26 Oct 2010

See Here for a selection:

click here

  Toneman 19:03 26 Oct 2010

Hello both, I've just found "Paint", I'm new to this Win 7 lark, obviously a lot more I've got to seek out. Thanks.

  Toneman 19:06 26 Oct 2010

Also john, thanks.I had a quick look, incidentally "Gimp" got a thumbs down from McAfee! something it didn't like?

  john bunyan 19:12 26 Oct 2010

Maybe wait a bit for more comments - you could try Picassa in the meantime as a few othere here have said they liked it.If you get serious on photography, I reccomend the latest version of Photoshop Essentials (I think v 8) .Not free - I think around £70 but it is very good.

  hssutton 22:04 26 Oct 2010

This should be ideal click here

Minimum System

* Windows 7 (recommended),
or Windows XP SP3,
or Windows Vista SP1 (SP2 and Platform Update recommended)
* 800MHz processor (dual-core recommended)
* 512MB of RAM
* 1024 x 768 screen resolution
* 200+ MB hard drive space
* Optional: 64-bit mode requires a 64-bit CPU and a 64-bit edition of Windows

  Toneman 10:42 27 Oct 2010

Thanks both.I'm only after a simple cropping and perhaps colour adjusting prog. I looked at Picassa before but seemed a bit involved, perhaps I'll give it another try. I assume "" is different from Windows Paint?

  john bunyan 11:05 27 Oct 2010

" I assume "" is different from Windows Paint?"

Yes! BTW hssutton is the photo guru IMHO!

  hssutton 14:52 27 Oct 2010

Yes there's a world of difference between Paint.Net and windows paint. If you think Picassa is a little involved, then stay away from Paint.Net, with such as Picassa being the better bet.

Having said that, Cropping is much the same in all image editors and is extremely easy to do.

Thanks for the compliment John, but you haven't seen all my abject failures :)

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