Win 32\Netsky.D.worm Virus

  Juni 23:38 31 Mar 2004

Just had an email stating (Win 32\Netsky.D.Worm Virus was detected in (Post\all_document.pif. Can anyone explain..... and how do I get rid of it. Currently running Norton Anti Virus which has message . Microsoft Generic Host process for win 32 service is attempting to access the internet using unrecognisable modules C:\windows\system 32\.
Have uninstalled Norton at present, causing problems with other programs, mainly word, cant print or quit program. Tried unchecking office plug in, but.....

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 00:34 01 Apr 2004

Try this download and run if you have xp turn off system restore first,if you didnt open the atachment you may not have the virus.

click here


  alan2206 00:39 01 Apr 2004

dont know a lot about netsky
What i do know is this - most of the viruses that have emerged in the last few monthes only activete them selves if you double click on them, my advice - 1 . dont open any programs that run macros, i.e. word excel etc. also dont touch anything with .pif in the filename. 2 Dont use the internet with your pc!!!
3. Use another pc to download the patch from mircosoft. I f mircosoft havent got the patch (dont know havent checked)then try well known a.virus programs such as symotec, mcafee,trendmirco and mirco. They sometimes offer free fixes to anyone.
4. use removable media to transfer fix.

I think that the netsky is mearly a pest virus at preasnt , but could get a lot more harmful as the war between virus writers heats up!
Whatever it does, however, it is important to get it removed
These are only my interpretations correct me please if u feel that i am wrong

  alan2206 00:42 01 Apr 2004

also dont open the email, whatever u do
i have done a bit of thinking
based on ur post it appears that it has randomly generater a document name for its self,dont be fooled!!
I think that the virus is within the actual email

  Belatucadrus 00:54 01 Apr 2004

click here for another removal tool and click here for some free antivirus to replace Norton.

  Juni 11:51 01 Apr 2004

Thanks to all those who responded, situation update.... I have installed Avast Antivirus and scan shows all files clean - thanks to Belatucadrus and can you tell me the difference between Norton and Avast, why would people pay for Norton, as I did when Anti Virus protection can be downloaded free of charge for home users? Also Norton seemed to mess up other programs (see my Thread on Printing problems with word) (In case you had'nt guessed I don't have a clue what I'm doing, and should'nt be let loose on any computer.....) Also found several other links to Virus protection, so which is best for idiot proof virus protection without mucking up general functions.

  Belatucadrus 12:09 01 Apr 2004

"why would people pay for Norton, as I did when Anti Virus protection can be downloaded free of charge for home users?"

A few reasons really:-
1) Ignorance, most people don't know about them.
2) Lack of confidance, the belief that if it's free it can't be any good.(fortunately not true)
3) Low brand awareness, many people have heard of Norton but Alwil and avast! don't have the market penetration in the highstreet.
4) Norton is very good and well regarded, it is however quite intrusive, getting into many areas of the system. If the installation goes well you have a good product, if anything goes wrong it's another matter.
5) What is best, this is a subjective are, most forumites have their own favourites, AVG, avast! etc. I happen to like avast! largely because it's very automated and idiot proof. Do remember to set your screensaver to avastss, this will set avast to scan while the PC is idle.

  keith-236785 13:33 01 Apr 2004

set your screensaver to avastss, this will set avast to scan while the PC is idle, I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT....

for the last three years or so i have been an avid AVG fan and have mine set to do a full system scan every day at 4:20am, it also updates automatically every day.

might try avast as very shortly im gonna format and re-install XP.

Juni, follow Belatucadrus's advice and you will be ok... just remember though-: a virus checker will NOT stop YOU from infecting your system, common sense is required and if you do open an attachment and infect your system....kick yourself not the anti-virus prog

good luck

  keith-236785 13:35 01 Apr 2004

oops, forgot to add this bit

click here, and do an online scan to make sure you don't have the virus then get a virus checker on your computer quickly.

all the best mate

  Juni 20:57 01 Apr 2004

Thanks again to Belatucadrus.... how do I set screen saver to avast then..... (I told you! idiot proof please.......)

Hi paperman, thanks too for the info, I always exercise extreme caution when opening e-mail, but I'm female, impulsive and nosey, so could get seriously stung.......

  Juni 21:01 01 Apr 2004

To: A NICKNAME.... (like that) Also downloaded Stinger, Heard good reports of McAlfie too... so thanks....

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