Win 32

  Spr 12:39 04 Jul 2012

Not a valid win 32 application. This is what I receive trying to install Adobe Elements CS 5, I'm running Windows 7 how can I get round this problem. It has loaded up & running into my PC running Vista 64bits When I go to download a win 32 repair I keep downloading PC repair file which I don't need as I have had my Laptop 24hrs

  john bunyan 13:17 04 Jul 2012

I have never heard of Adobe Elements CS5. I have Adobe Photoshop CS5 on one PC (W7) and Adobe Elements 10 on another. Are you talking of Elements5? That may be too old for W7.

  Spr 13:55 04 Jul 2012

Yes it is Adobe Photoshop Elements CS5

  john bunyan 14:52 04 Jul 2012

Sorry but I still cannot find ELEMENTSCS5. Are you quite sure the word elemnts is combined with CS5 as I cannot find any references on the Adobe forum. Can you have another look on the box?CS is usually only on the full version of Photoshop.

  hastelloy 19:23 04 Jul 2012

I think the OP means Photoshop Elements 5. Windows 7 won't accept anything below version 7.

  john bunyan 20:20 04 Jul 2012


Exactly, which is what I suspected in my 1.17pm post, but he still persisted with CS5 wording.


If it is Photoshop Elements 5 (not CS5) it does not work in W7. You will need to buy Photoshop Elements 10. If you want a freebie, try see:

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