Win 3.1 app hogs CPU

  Batch 13:00 30 Jan 2006

I have installed an old WIndows 3.1 application under XP Pro SP2.

All seems to work OK, but I noticed, in Task Manager, that the app (in the virtual DOS machine NTVDM) is reported as running at virtually 100% CPU and the CPU is running at 100%.

Other apps get a look in and I've not noticed any performance degradation on them.

The app itself is a French-English / English - French dictionary and, from a user perspective, not doing anything until I do a look-up or cross reference and even then should be very light. It's actually made up of two co-operating .EXEs (one translates one way and one the other). If only one of them is running, it hogs the CPU, if both running, they hog the CPU between them.

As I say, not causing any real problem, but I was wondering if this CPU hogging is characteristic of using the DOS virtual machine or is peculiar to my apps? BTW I don't have any other suitable apps (e.g. 3.1) to try for comparison.

  Batch 14:13 30 Jan 2006

Thanks for the input, but I know most of that - I was really just asking 'bout the CPU hogging.

BTW, I've been in IT for 35 years and got my first home PC 18 years ago - Dell 286 with 640k of memory and a 40Mb HDD. That cost £1899+VAT. I bought an extra 1Mb of memory which cost a stonking £450+VAT

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