win ME

  chriscross72 21:31 29 Feb 2004

Is windows 2000 a completely different os from windows ME ???
Which is the better ??

  Diodorus Siculus 21:37 29 Feb 2004

Win 2k, to my mind, is far better than WinMe, or any other for that matter. WinXP is pretty good according to reports though.

  temp003 03:18 01 Mar 2004

Your other thread suggests you have Windows 98 at the moment. If you're not happy with 98, and want a new OS, then there is no point in trying ME. W2k pro is great, but if you're buying a new CD anyway, then you should also consider XP Home or XP Pro.

  MichelleC 08:46 01 Mar 2004

Please avoid ME otherwise there may be more unsolvable probs to solve. If you opt for w2k you'll never regret it.

  expertec 08:53 01 Mar 2004

Definitely Windows 2000 is better, but there are some things that are not compatible with it

  Taran 11:15 01 Mar 2004

It all falls down to several factors:

1. How you use your machine and what you use it for

2. The hardware your machine has fitted and its suitability for Windows 2000 and the avilability of device drivers for it

3. Your ability to install and configure Windows 2000

In brief, if you are a gamer then I'd suggest that Windows 2000 is not really your best choice. If you use your PC for general office style work, web browsing, emails, programmming and so on then Windows 2000 is superb.

If your PC hardware is not supported by dedicated device drivers for Windows 2000 then you're stuck before you even start. If you have the origianl hardware CDs with device drivers ont hemf or your graphics and sound cards, modem and so on all well and good. If not, download Belarc and run it. It produces a full list of your hardware and software from which you can start to search manufacturers websites for driver downloads for the version of Windows you want to install.

Finally, a default installation of Windows 2000 is not ideal. It runs many background services that are either unnecessary of possible security risks and learning how ti correctly set things up is all part of running it.

If you want to run Windows 2000 well, I'd suggest a bit of research.

A nice installation tutorial:

click here

Some performance tips and tweaks:

click here

For general stability and workhorse-like performance Windows 2000 is miles ahead of ME, but gamers often find that they encounter problems, so it all comes down to what you do with your PC and how you do it.

Windows XP has similar considerations but is better for gaming than Windows 2000. You still need enough hardware to effectively run the system and that hardware must be fully compatible with XP.

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