Win 2K Pro Emergency Repair Disk

  Russ100 22:30 30 Mar 2003

I,ve tried booting from floppies but if I want to rapair a Win 2K installation I need a repair floppy.

Where do I get this???

  leo49 22:40 30 Mar 2003

click here


  temp003 02:13 31 Mar 2003

The Emergency Repair Disk needs to be made before disaster strikes (in Microsoft Backup). You cannot create the ERD now. Nor can you download it because it is specific to your system.

Without knowing what your problem is, one cannot suggest what to do. The following is general options.

There are still other ways of repairing Windows 2000 even if you don't have the ERD.

Boot up your computer with your Windows 2000 installation CD (or the 4 floppies). Press R to go into repair. You'll be prompted to select the repair option, Press R again (the other option at this stage is the Recovery Console).

Press F for fast repair. You'll be prompted for the ERD. It will also say if you don't have ERD, Windows will attempt to repair your system in the absence of the ERD. Follow the prompt for no ERD. But what Windows can do is limited. (Mind you, I've never really found the ERD very useful, even though I maintain it religiously)

The other option is Recovery Console. If you select that, you'll ultimately get to the C:\WINNT> prompt, which is like a DOS command, but it's different. There are specific commands to perform certain tasks. You need to know what the problem is and what command to use before entering the Recovery Console.

Another option is to reinstall w2k over the existing faulty copy. All your data and programs are left intact, but Setup will restore all Windows system files to the original CD state. You will need to reinstall all Windows updates afterwards, such as Service Pack 3.

To use this option, at the first screen after you boot up with the CD or floppies, press Enter to go into w2k Setup. Press F8 to accept licence agreement.

You'll get an option to continue installing a fresh copy, or to repair an existing installation of Windows 2000. Select the repair existing installation option (I think it's also press R). Then what follows is like a fresh installation, except your data and programs are left intact.

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