Win 2K Pro Books / Service Packs / Partitioning.

  GazMaz 13:48 05 Nov 2003

Some advice required.

1) Does anyone know of any decent Win2K Pro Books.
I've looked on Amazon and there are far too many to choose from so any info would be appreciated.

2) Can you only download the Service Packs from Microsoft or are they available through a UK outlet on Disk?
I've heard that the SP 3 and SP 4 service Packs are a pain and not worth going to, does anyone have any info on this?

3) Partioning, do I have to first go and buy a Partitioning program, (I want to run Win 98 until I'm happy with Win2K), or is there any cheaper alternative!?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:02 05 Nov 2003

1 - I can't reccommend any but would suggest that you don't need one unless you are going in deep. It is quite similar to 98 for most users.

2 - IE service packs can no longer be distributed via magazine coverdisks, according to PCPro mag. I have SP1, 2 and 3 here so if you cannot find them, email me via the envelope by my name and I will post them to you.

3 - Do a search on these pages for info re. partitioning - it came recently: click here for one such discussion.

  recap 14:07 05 Nov 2003

Books published from Sybex, I have found them to be very user friendly.

You can purchase the SP packs, look on the Microsoft site, for your nearest supplier

click here+ for Partitioning software

  GazMaz 14:50 05 Nov 2003


  Taran 14:54 05 Nov 2003

Windows 2000 will install in a parallel install; that is, it will go in on the same hard disk and on the same partition as your current Windows 98 install.

If this is not suitable or desirable for you, it will also create a dedicated partition during the install process, leaving you with Windows 98 on C: and Windows 2000 on X: (where X: is the drive letter it creates for itself). If you select this option it will load itself as the default operating system and also give you a 30 second bootloader where you get the option to choose Windows 98 or allow Windows 2000 to load up in full. You can edit the bootloader in your Windows 2000 control panel.

A third party partitioning utility will do far more than can be done through the Windows 2000 installer, but unless you need some pretty exotic partitions set up, I'm not sure it would be worth the investment or the time to learn.

If you go to Google and run some searches like this, including the quote marks:

"windows 2000"+parallel install

"windows 2000"+tutorial

"windows 2000"+security+tutorial

"windows 2000"+administration

the above will return more information than you could shake a stick at and you don't need to buy any one particular book.

The Microsoft site contains a wealth of information on Windows 2000 along with lots of tips, tricks, how-to articles and so on click here

Windows 2000 service patches are avialable to order for a small cost on CD from Microsoft for those people who want them but do not have the broadband connection to get them.

I'd always suggest that you keep your OS up to date with the latest service patches. Some of them have proven problematic in the past, but subsequent individual downloads or more recent service releases always fix (or try to) any issues caused by previous patches.

Windows 2000 in not similar at all to Windows 98 to run or administrate. It is superficially similar in actual use in many respects (menu options, visuals etc), but actually running it, securing it, locking it down and administrating it is a different kettle of fish entirely and it really is worth learning about to get the best out of the OS.

Buying one book on any subject is always a minefield.

I usually recommend that people do a lot of online research and if they don't find the answers they are looking for, either ask in a dedicated forum (like this one) or think about buying a book that covers the topic of interest at hand. Certainly, I've yet to see one individual Windows 2000 publication that I'd be prepared to recommend on its own and without a couple of other titles to go with it that would be of real use to either a beginner or an expert.

The trouble with the majority of books is that they often take you from A-Z but miss out several points in between, either assuming that you have the knowledge to fill in the gaps yourself or that you know someone who does. I think you'll get far more from some well worded searches and by using the excellent Microsoft Windows 2000 site to its full.

Hope this helps



  GazMaz 15:31 05 Nov 2003

Crikey Thanks Taran, looks like I've got some online reading to do LOL.
your comments have been really useful thanks again.

  Taran 16:14 05 Nov 2003

You're welcome, but I have a confession to make: part of the above is inaccurate.

The Windows 2000 parallel install will also give you the bootloader that you get when you choose to install to a dedicated partition during setup.

I did not make that point clear and I should have, since it may influence your setup choices in the future.

Sorry if there was any confusion.



  GazMaz 12:57 06 Nov 2003

Taran you've lost me a bit there, can you clarify what that means?


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