Win 2K Display Problems

  Bubo 21:51 25 Apr 2006

Hi All

I've just loaded up a Pentium 3 system with Win 2K Pro for a friend but cannot get it to display correctly on any monitor.

The desktop appears as a small window with a half inch gap around the edge of the window. No matter what I do I cannot get it to fill the screen.

I have now tried three crt monitors (one 15" and two 17") with the same result.

The machine has a Matrox G450 dualhead AGP card. I have checked the drivers and they are right, I have double checked that dualhead is not active in the Matrox utility as I only want one monitor and the display itself is crystal clear. I can control the screen resolution and colour settings without a problem.

So now I am stuck. Can anyone advise what I should try next to resolve this please.



  Diodorus Siculus 22:54 25 Apr 2006

Some matrox cards have their own screen utility with whcih to make settings - has anything loaded in the system tray?

Have you tried to change the settings on the monitors via the on screen display?

  Bubo 08:30 26 Apr 2006

Yes, the Matrox utilities loaded and I have access to it via the system tray. I tried several settings using the utility but none of them worked.

I am able to set up the screen to a fashion using the monitor controls but of course these settings do not hold after a reboot.

Interestingly I tried installing the same OS to a different machine (Celeron 333) which only has a PCI vga card and I go the same problem. I found it hard to believe that three monitors were borked so I hooked one up to my XP machine and the display was fine.

I am really stuck now as to what to try next.


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