win 2000 + Xp networking????

  craigy1 14:35 24 Feb 2004

I have an XP pc with a Win 2000 laptop. I have tried to connect them with a patch cable through their network cards. I know that my laptop will make the patch cable into a crossover one.

My problem is that the xp pc will take me through the wizard and all but it wont see the lappy and also the disk it says will work, wont in win2000. this is the setting up disk that xp says will network them together.

I only want to transfer files from one to another but I cant seem to set it up. Any help would be great!!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 14:46 24 Feb 2004

What file systems are in use: If XP is on Fat32 and 2k on NTFS, then you might have problems.

Also, are you running a firewall? If so, disable it and see what happens.

  craigy1 15:18 24 Feb 2004

the xp system is on ntfs and the win 2000 is on fat32. what does this mean, and also is it possible to just to get the files off one and onto the other ?????

  craigy1 15:19 24 Feb 2004

another point is that when i plug my networking cables in both machines they both say they are running. what stops it then from getting the files?

  dan boy 16:04 24 Feb 2004

im having the same problem with my two pcs. (using a router). It says the LAN connection is enabled on both pc's but i cannot transfer files or share my bb internet connection. If you find out how to do it, will you post it as it may help me to.......ill do the same.


  geaves 23:21 24 Feb 2004

Having seen your thread I have had similar problems but on a network at home.

I take it you can ping each machine from the other and get a response?

If so then;

ensure that NetBios over TCP/IP is set on both machines and that the computer brower service is started.

Set the workgroup name on the 2k machine.
Run 'Set up a home or small office network' on the XP machine.

If you're not sure what to check then I can post further info or email me.

This took me a while to sort, especially trying to get the XP machine to 'see' the rest of the network. The worst part is if you change the workgroup name in XP without using the wizard nothing works, cannot browse network places, but can use UNC. Isn't Microsoft wonderful:-)


  vinnyo123 02:44 25 Feb 2004

Just a thought you can manually set this up.Right click network places properties.

What do you actually mean by laptop will make it a crossover cable.(are you using a crossover or straight through?)

Are you giving each one a unique name?are they in he same workgroup?IP's ?What services are installed?

  craigy1 09:59 25 Feb 2004

well I manage to sort it late last night. My laptop knows if I am using a straight through cable or a crossover cable. I seemed to have connected them in last night and oh my god!!! they both seen each other.

I am not bothered about surfing off the other pc from laptop, i only needed to transfer files accros as evesham are comming out to fix my home pc and I needed to transfer files and documents onto my laptop

Thanks for all ur help

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