Win 2000 v Windows XP

  23790954 22:20 14 Sep 2004

A few months ago I upgraded my system from Windows 98SE to Windows 2000. At the time I would have liked to have upgraded it to Win XP, but an article I read in a magazine stopped me from doing this. As a senior citizen I enjoy building and maintaining computers for my children and grand-children. The article I read about Win XP suggested that there were problems when you formatted a hard-drive and reinstalled Win XP. It was something to do with having to register each time you installed the operating system. With Win 2000 there is no problem about any registration. Can anyone shed any light on this matter, as if it means registering etc. each time you install the system, I would rather stick with Win 2000.
Also at the same time can anyone explain the advantages and disadvantages of Win XP in comparison to Win 2000.
Thanks for any information given.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:35 14 Sep 2004

Win 2k and XP both office/company based rather than home based. XP most stable of the two systems more software / drivers and patches written.

Disadvantage activation of XP if you upgrade any of MEMORY HDD MOBO CHIP then reactivation required. Only really a problem if your are a 'fiddler' or builder from old parts.

  TomJerry 22:59 14 Sep 2004

Personally, I stick with Win2K. My home machine has both 2K and XP Pro. I use 2K, my kids use XP. All my work PCs are Win2K.

The main advantages of XP over 2K, more hardware support, for example, some digital cameras can be automatically recognised by XP Pro, but 2K need to install software. Another advantage of XP is buildin Firewall (especially with SP2), but I use Zonealram for firewall and it is more powerful than XP's firewall.

  gold 47 01:36 15 Sep 2004

W2000 in my view is better than WXP for me anyway
very stable,i have two computers the other running WXP and W98,i don't run video editing ect.

  temp003 09:52 15 Sep 2004

Since you have just upgraded to w2k pro, I don't think you need to change to XP so quickly.

Stability is not an issue because w2k is just as stable as XP, if not more. XP is simply built on the same platform that w2k has been using for years, and w2k has had more time to sort out the bugs (it's now Service Pack 4).

Software/hardware support is no longer an issue for w2k. In fact, the popularity of XP has enhanced the compatibility of w2k. New driver support in most cases will include w2k (perhaps because the underlying platform is the same). The same applies to Windows security patches.

There aren't many things I can think of which you can do in XP but can't in w2k. XP might in some cases have an easier user interface (which not everyone likes anyway), but there's nothing to it.

XP Pro has Remote Desktop which w2k pro doesn't (w2k has a slightly different version). Windows Media Player specially made for XP has more functions than WMP for other versions of Windows.

Certain inbuilt functions exclusive to XP are in most cases too basic and are almost inevitably replaced by third party software anyway, such as the firewall and CD burning.

Also, it depends on which version of XP you're considering. There are certain functions in w2k pro which you don't have in XP Home, which are retained only in XP Professional edition. You probably don't need them anyway, but they're there for you in w2k.

The registration for XP you have in mind is product activation. It's really not a bother unless you're into reinstalling Windows and changing hardware on a regular basis. You would seldom need to re-activate. Even if you do, it's very easy. I would say it's irrelevant.

On the whole, since you've just bought w2k, stick with it for the time being.

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