Win 2000 User / Password assistance

  waylander69 20:31 17 Apr 2004

I have just connected a pc into a network using the wireless protocol 802.11g all pc's in the network are running win 2000 .
The problem is the 2 pc's connected to the router via wires don't ask for passwords when accessing the shared folders but the wireless networked pc needs passwords and user names.
When looking in control panel the only referance to setting up a user / password is for the individual machine not for access outwith.
Any networking gurus out there ??

G :)

  hugh-265156 21:08 17 Apr 2004

dont know much about networks but have you tried right clicking a folder you wish to password protect and click:

properties/sharing and tick "make this folder private" you will need to set up a user account password also.

  waylander69 20:56 24 Apr 2004

anybody got any other ideas to my problem.

The problem is setting up external access through a network to folders that are already marked as shared but when trying to access the folder from another pc the external pc is asked for a user / password.
This only happens on the wireless networked pc not the hard wired pc.

any ideas much appreciated.

G :)

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