Win 2000 Pro: Problem w/ screen resolution & modem

  [DELETED] 10:15 27 Sep 2003

Hello all! I just wiped the HDD on my old PC and replaced Win98 with Win2000 Pro. Comp runs very smoothly NOW except for two nagging problems.

(1) I set the screen res for 1152 X 864 but Windows 2000 refuses to accept it and always loads up with a res of 1024 X 768. I always used my comp @ 1152 X 864 res when I had Win98. I even went to the registry and changed the default res to 1152 & 864 but it still loads 1024 X 768. Mleh!

(2) Win2000 won't detect the built-in modem in my computer. ALL it says under "modem properties" is: "Communications cable between two computers" when actually the internal modem is a Conexant 56K job. I've forgotten the exact model of the modem because I've found the website with the drivers - should I just install a default 56K driver? (If theres such a thing!)

Thanx for reading and I do hope you can help! :)

My system specs:

Win 2000 Prof, 10GB HDD, 192MB SDRAM, Celeron II @ 600Mhz, Video Adapter: Intel Crop 810 Graphics Controller hub w/ Plug n Play monitor. (Im on a LAN)

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