Win 2000 Pro lock up

  Ollyolly 21:46 17 Feb 2004

I've just had reason to reinstall Win2000 Pro. I won't bore you with the details of why.
After a great effort in getting the PC to even boot I now find that The PC locks up every now and then. I've also noticed it didn't detect 'new hardware' when I connected my printer via the USB lead. In fact I've tried to connect it and it won't.
I'm beging to think it's some form of BIOS problem.
Has anyone else any further thoughts?

  GrahamP 00:12 18 Feb 2004

Did you reformat and clean install? If not and you installed over the top of the old system, you could have kept some problems.

What are the boot problems? They might be related.

Are other USB devices being recognized? If not, it sounds like your USB ports are not enabled.
This could be in your BIOS. Did you reset your BIOS settings or replace the battery? Easy enough to check. Do they show up Enabled in device manager?

If your printer is the only USB device not being recognised then there might be something wrong with it. Was it switched on when you attached it?
Do the lights indicate the Ready state? Does it print a selftest?

  temp003 02:14 18 Feb 2004

If your reinstall was a repair installation (installing over the top), you need to reapply all Windows Updates including SP4.

A repair reinstall shouldn't have removed your previous printer software. Driver is probably already installed. Click Start, Settings, Printers to see if your printer has already been installed. If it's there but printer is not working, disconnect printer, go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all previous printer software. Restart. Install printer as per manual (with USB printers, usually you have to install software first before connecting it to the printer - but all printers are different, so read the manual).

But since you seem to be having other problems as well, you might as well, while you can still access the OS, back up your important files/emails to CDs, then do a format and reinstall.

  hugh-265156 02:23 18 Feb 2004

tell us why you may help.

did you get all updates and service pks after the install click here

did your printer work before and does other usb devices work as above?

after updating if it still doesnt work,try entering the bios and set up defaults.

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