Win 2000 erases ISA modem settings

  SKiNFreak 12:53 06 Sep 2003

A mate has a P2 300 PC and recently upgraded to win 2000 from win 95b. The modem is an old speaker phone one that is ISA and requires a confirguration of the COM3 port before the modem can be detected. After a long drawn out process, I found out that COM3 must be removed along with the modem, rebooted and then reinstalled the COM3 and then the modem. The problem comes when the PC is shut down. The hardware manager displays errors next ot the COM3 and modems and the only solution is to remove and reinstall which gets damn annoying. Is it possible for me to edit the registry to not allow win 2000 to see this modem as plug'n'play and keep the settings as they are? If so, any pointers as to how to do it? This is a very serious issue for my mate who at the moment has to keep his PC on 24-7.

Input appreciated,


  recap 17:33 06 Sep 2003

For W2K to run the minimum Front Side Bus should be 100MHz so the CPU should be a 350Mhz and higher, RAM is 96MB or higher. If the system does not have these requirements then some components will not run correctly.

  SKiNFreak 18:57 06 Sep 2003

Why would this cause this error? The processor may be underspec but it has 256 mb of ram.

  recap 08:51 08 Sep 2003

Sorry SKiNFreak, I have made some enquires this may be an hardware fault. Check the modem, if you can change it just to test try that.

  MichelleC 14:49 08 Sep 2003

I've just had modem probs on w2k; changed from isdn to dial-up (but not for long). Today I got a new one from The Computer World for £9.99 and no probs.

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