Is win 2000 better than XP for gaming? Advice plea

  bof:) 12:39 18 May 2003

Hi All,

My youngest son is a gamer and has been told by some of the others he plays against that 'Win2000' is better than XP for gaming.

They didnt say if its win2000 home or pro edition that better and if it is better than XP home or Pro.

As he is saving hard to purchase one of these versions I thought I come and get some advice.

So, what do you think?

Many thanks,


  Pc.2 12:44 18 May 2003

To be totally honest I have not tried Win 2k for gaming, but I have tried Win XP Home, and I am having a nightmare with it...I have even had to post a help request on here...see 'Problems!Problems!Problems! my advice, of which I will probably be taking myself, is stick with Win 98se.

  AMD 4 ever 13:09 18 May 2003

XP Home is a better perely for the enhanced drivers and DX support etc. The NTFS is sometimes a factor, set it up as FAT 32 which seems to operate faster than NTFS formats.

  Terrahawk 13:20 18 May 2003

have xp pro and not experienced problems with games win 95/98 and above win2k pro i had all sorts of problems hence the move to xp

  Pilch.... 13:32 18 May 2003

Pro if possible....

Using NTFS i find as has been said makes it slightly faster and more reliable.

  Phil930 16:06 18 May 2003


i'm an avid gamer and used both. XP is more stable and faster than 2000 and is better all round. i personally use xp pro but the home ed. is just as good for gaming....

also, consider the fact now that most new games and all future games are being optimised for windows xp or future operating systems so the proof is in the pudding my friend, just eat your way through it and find what you want!!

  powerless 16:14 18 May 2003

OS Comparison: On Which Operating System Do Games Run Best?

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  bof:) 18:21 18 May 2003

Thank you all of you.

I'll print off your comments and show them to my son.

Thanks again,


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