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  yaesu 20:06 07 Apr 2004

Hi folks, I've a 4 year old IBM aptiva with 2 hard drives.(a4.3 & a 30 Gb) I'd like to install win2000 on the 30Gb drive and leave the old one with 98se, with the possibility to dual boot until I know it's working. Am I likely to encounter insurmountable problems if I try this?

  anon1 20:57 07 Apr 2004

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any help?

  spanneress 20:58 07 Apr 2004

Why don't you make the smaller HDD (assuming 98 is on that one) the slave, whack the 30gig one in as master...load W2K on the master..get it up and running then if you like you can swap....easier to leave the 2K OS as the master IMHO.... easier than messing about with dual booting....

  temp003 05:14 08 Apr 2004

Dual booting itself will not give you insurmountable problems. Any problem is compatibility of your computer with w2k.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using a dual boot.

If you want to try a dual boot, just boot up computer from CD (if BIOS supports it, and change boot sequence to CDROM before hard disk), and follow the prompts. When asked where to install w2k, highlight your other hard disk (D partition or whatever it's called), press Enter. When given formatting options, if you have existing data on the disk, choose leave existing file system intact. After files copying, leave CD in, but on restart, let computer start from hard disk, not CDROM.

You should back up whatever data you have on the 2nd hdd first, in any event.

Alternatively, while in 98, insert w2k CD, choose to install w2k, then choose install a new copy (Do NOT select upgrade). Follow the prompts, but there should be an option box to tick to let you select the location where the new copy of w2k should be installed. You should tick that. Leave CD in, but let computer start from hard disk.

The w2k installation will create a dual boot menu for you.

If you want to use spanneress's suggestion, make the 2nd disk the master, but also disconnect the 1st hdd as well (to be safe). Then boot up computer with w2k CD and install w2k.

  yaesu 19:10 08 Apr 2004

Many thanks folks, I'll try spanneress suggestion as it is what I already have (4 Gb with 98 as master etc.)Anon1 thanks, most useful.Temp003, lots of detail, thanks.

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