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win 10 upgrade lost HDD blah

  awest3 11:54 26 Oct 2015

Hi, Just upgraded PC from win 7 to win 10 and I've lost my second HDD. It does not appear in the BIOS, My Pc or when I go to 'Manage - Storage - Disk Management'. It has a TI copy of the old windows 7 system on it. As I cant see it anywhere not sure what to do next. All working under win7.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 26 Oct 2015

win 10 will not affect the BIOS.

try unplugging and reconnecting the offending drive, can you feel it vibrating?

  awest3 14:54 26 Oct 2015

Ill give it a try.. its an internal drive so I'll have to take the side case off... I'll come back with the result. ta

  awest3 15:06 26 Oct 2015

I've worked with computers now for 40 years and they continue to find ways to be obstructive. I'd had the PC off for a 3 hours or so, after getting exasperated with it. I'd read elsewhere, for a similar problem, that if you just leave it for a while it will find the HDD. Didn't quite believe this BUT before I took the side off I booted it up again and lo and behold there it is fully working... I'm stumped as to why this should be but hey ho its working. Thanks for your help in trying to solve this. Al

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