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win 10 trouble opening links

  johnnyrocker 18:26 08 Mar 2017

just lately i find that the "click here links" do not open and i get round it by right click open in new window,it is erratic some will work and some wont, any help please?


  difarn 18:40 08 Mar 2017

Are you by any chance blocking pop-ups? If so you could try disabling it.

  johnnyrocker 18:55 08 Mar 2017

good thinking not thought of that will try now.


  johnnyrocker 17:06 08 Apr 2017

sorry for taking so long to update this, but i been trying to work it out and so far i have come with the idea that the cause is a recent microsoft update, in that a left click will work on some links but others need a right click and select the option to open in a new window, any one agree or has other ideas?

regards johnny

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