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Win 10 and real problem...

  TonyV 18:48 15 Dec 2015

I installed WIN 10 and had all manner of problems with it like hardly anything was working as it should do. I checked the suitability of the Laptop and was told that yes it would be fine and would accept WIN 10. Not what I found out.

However, I eventually got hold of the recovery disks from HP so that I could start from scratch and get rid of everything and hope that it would behave as it always used to. I had disks and backups, but , prior to getting rid of WIN 10, it would not allow me to go back or install a backup. It would read nothing.

So I used the Recovery disks and went back to the factory state. So far so good. On trying to re-install M/S Office, I inadvertently set the system to I think it is called run from the disc media, This was a mistake! My problem now is, that I have to run Office from the installation disk. I can't delete the programmes, Word, Excel et al, because it tells me I have to put the disk back in to remove them from there.

So, if I put the disk back in and say uninstall, will it make the disk useless as an installation device or will create some trickery that will allow me to reinstall Office correctly via the setup.exe file? At the moment when I try, it seems to just reinstall it through' the cd. I daren't uninstall from the disc in case it scuppers me from an actual installation.

Any body have any suggestions how to rectify the situation?




  BRYNIT 00:35 16 Dec 2015

If you insert the MS Office disk and run the install.exe0 it should ask if you want to Add or Remove Features, Repair or Remove Office. If you select Add or Remove Features you can then select run from computer.

  TonyV 09:52 17 Dec 2015

rdave13 & Brynit,

Thanks for coming back. It was a disk that was taken from the internet as a new download unit, and loaded fine before all the problems with Win 10. It worked for a goodly number of years before it was attacked by WIN10!! All updates were applied to it so it was obviously a legitimate copy of Office. I have tried everything, but it won't install anyway now. I have the registration code and that is OK.

I'll probably give it one more chance then throw it away and use Libre Office or OpenOffice, at least I know that will install and work once it is installed.

With the trouble I had with WIN 10, I don't think I will be changing back to it. It played havoc with my machine, and nothing was working properly, yet I was constantly being told that all the drivers were up-to-date and there were no others available!

I think my biggest problem was I left it too late to go back to WIN7 via the one month trial period and therefore had to do a complete recovery. Fortunately, I don't use the laptop that often, but it is useful to have by me. I use the iMAC these days and find that to be a lot more stable and easier to maintain than a Windows based system.

Thanks, both, for your input.



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