win 10 on pent just stops working

  bumpkin 21:39 18 May 2017

i have had this problem for a long time and have sought advice here before but never did resolve it. Maybe I did not explain it clearly enough so lived with it but now it is becoming too frequent.

By stopping I mean for example if I try to go to this site the connecting circle will just keep running, I can exit and bring up Firefox and start to find another site and then the keyboard stops working halfway through the text. I then click exit and nothing happens then the mouse stops working. Only solution is a reboot.

This may not occur for a few hours but could be a few minutes.

I have tried re-install, new ssd, different mouse and keyboard, clean out and new paste, PSU shows as OK with a decent tester but I have not tried another one yet. I am now wondering about CPU or motherboard. To give an example it has happened 7 times while I have been trying to post this, fortunately Firefox restores to here without me having to start the text again.

Totally baffled on this, and suggestions please.

  bumpkin 21:50 18 May 2017

Moe info, it is a 2yrs old Pent G3220 2 core 3.0GHz. MB is Asus H81M-Plus Haswell.

  Menzie 01:05 19 May 2017

Is the problem only happening in Firefox or on other applications as well?

If only Firefox, try running safe mode as one of the add-ons may be playing up.

I remember McAfee Site Advisor causing mine to lock up at random at one point in time.

  bumpkin 11:26 19 May 2017

Curious! I changed it to GPT from MBR and it would not boot at all from that drive, changed it back and it does.

  bumpkin 14:11 19 May 2017

Thanks, I tried to reply earlier but it would not work. I am now using Google browser but the trouble with this kind of thing is that it may not occur for hours so I have to wait and see. As for aligning the partitions, I have Minitool Pro but cannot find this option.

  bumpkin 21:10 19 May 2017

Not just FF also happens with google. It seems to get worse the longer the PC has been on.

  bumpkin 15:13 20 May 2017

Thanks, worth a try as nothing else seems to work. Will get back with the outcome. My delays in replying are due to other non PC things that I need to deal with more urgently at the moment.

  bumpkin 15:49 20 May 2017

right click the left section where the SSD is showing in the bottom window. The option of converting it to GPT is available.

Not a good start, I can't see the option.

  Menzie 18:28 20 May 2017

According to Google:

To convert a disk to MBR/GPT disk:

Select the disk to convert;
Right-click the disk and select Convert to GPT/MBR Disk;
Confirm your operation, by clicking “OK” to continue;
Click Apply button on the toolbar to commit the changes.
  bumpkin 20:39 20 May 2017

I can get that far OK, it is the GPT/MBR option that I can't see. I have the same as your pic on my screen but can't see anything relating to GPT/MBR.

  bumpkin 21:57 20 May 2017


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