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Win 10 Ms office, old email address

  Ex plorer 09:24 11 Sep 2018

Hi my original email address with MS Office 16 has changed, it no longer exists as i needed to replace the original email address.

Even though I have re-a signed my new email to MS Office, I keep getting notifications to readdress the issue. it sends a code to the old none existing address to verify who I am, whats going on.

Its annoying on the sign in screen to see an address that does not exist. It wont delete as there is no option, or not show when switched off. OS Win 10

  Pine Man 10:19 11 Sep 2018

Just out of interest, why do you need an email address for Microsoft Office?

  Ex plorer 13:11 11 Sep 2018

When I set my new laptop up it asked for an email address and password.

Hm You have me thinking now, am I getting confused between two different sign inns.

One for the computer for protection that shows the outdated email address that i can still use the old Password to access the computer.

I bought MS office for £40 off a sight it has some greyed out areas in mailing in the MS Office but what i need is very functional.

I can only assume when i downloaded the MS Office it picked this address up.

I have to sign in Each morning as it flashes up on the screen If i shut the laptop down.

In notifications it pops up saying there are issues with MS Office I click on it it says its sent a number, unfortunatly to my old address, and i must put that number into the MS Office to verify the account. Of course I cant as it insist on sending to a non existing email account.

  Pine Man 13:17 11 Sep 2018

It just seemed strange to me as I have MS Office on both a Mac and a PC and neither have any requirement for an email address apart from, obviously, Outlook.

Sorry I can't help with your problem but you might need to look further afield for the culprit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 11 Sep 2018

Have same problem with Facebook, change the e-mail because the old Freeserve e-mail is defunct and get no code to verify as it must be going to the old address.

  wee eddie 16:28 11 Sep 2018

At £40.00, the likelihood of having a kosher copy of M$ Office is slim.

Depending on the supplier, have you tried logging into the email account that you used, it's probably still there

  Ex plorer 09:17 12 Sep 2018

Hi, I have fathomed my log in details, on the laptop it can be anything as its just a welcome name. Click Windows button, Settings, Accounts, Sign in options, change. there I changed my logon name and Password.

R Dave I went through your link assigned my new email address and still says it needs fixing, the MS updates itself, is it genuine I will look into it today and let you know where I purchased.

  Ex plorer 09:41 12 Sep 2018

It was £30 not £40 Fast software, was the name I purchased from, looks OK but... like i say some sections are grey in mailings so cant be used.

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