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Win 10 guest account loop

  awest3 10:15 29 Oct 2015

Help please, I upgraded to win 10 a week or so ago but forgot to create a guest account for my granddaughter to us. I created one by using Cmd and switching flag on. On trying to use said account it builds the profile but then the screen just flashes continuously and I'm unable to get any commands in, none of the buttons work. I thought I'd logon to my admin account and get rid of the guest account then try again. Windows outsmarted me in that when I restart the machine it goes directly into the guest account and I'm back where I started. No problem thinks I I'll just boot into safe mode and sort it from there. Now I don't really believe this but it appears there is no way to get into safe mode (used to be f8) on startup. It appears you need a working PC to do this!!!!!!!!! If I had a working PC I wouldn't need safe mode. I'm typing this on my iPad as the PC is sitting there flashing at me. Help please, I'm stuck.

  awest3 10:18 29 Oct 2015

I've found that by entering task manager, ctrl alt delete, I can switch user which hopefully means I can delete the guest account and try again. I'll report back.

  awest3 10:24 29 Oct 2015

The guest account did not appear in 'user accounts' so I had to use Cmd again and 'net user guest /active:no. Which has turned it off and I can now login to the other accounts as normal. I'll try setting up a guest account in another way (other than using Cmd) and let you know how I get on. I'm still somewhat bemused as to how to get into safe mode from boot up?

  awest3 11:08 29 Oct 2015

Created guest 1 account by using standard 'set up another account' and not supplying any ms account/email or telephone details but had to all it guest 1 rather than guest. Seems to work ok.

  awest3 14:04 29 Oct 2015

Found a way of adding a safe mode startup option to the PC: This tenforums tutorial tells you have. Brilliant.

click here

  awest3 14:05 29 Oct 2015

for have read how !

  awest3 16:11 29 Oct 2015

Yep. Even better. Nice one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 29 Oct 2015

Did for win 8.1

forgot it would have reverted back with the upgrade to 10.

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