Win 10 fresh install onto new SSD problem

  AJDux 22:22 03 Nov 2015

Hey guys, just install win 10 (was upgrade from 8) via USB boot on new SSD. COuple of small issues I think are related, basically all old HDD show up in my computer, but no files show up in search from those other drives, no programs are automatically detected (for example, open an open document file and it ask what program to use although open office on other drive) and no programs from other drives showing in uninstall/change programs. Im currently running a fresh index for all the drives minus SSD will that maybe help?

Otherwise any ideas? Im really not too good with this kind of thing :/


  AJDux 07:20 04 Nov 2015

THanks for response rDave.

Yeah SSD is now C:\, old drive is now E:. So is the easiest way to deal with this just to reformat the old drive? Its mostly games and ive copied off everything that I can think off that I might want or need.

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