Win 10 clone problem with back up software.

  muddypaws 12:53 06 Oct 2018

In the old days of XP I used XClone for years. No problem.Now appears unavailable W.10 appears to have three partitions....C. D and E. I am using Acronis . Tried the first clone yesterday to a caddy drive which ran to the end then said failed.Unfortunately I didn't note the the error code. How do I clone a three partition drive? Just clone the recovery drive E? I have all other data stored on two other drives. Like to do it before the Autumn update which appears to cause problems. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  Pine Man 14:09 06 Oct 2018

W.10 appears to have three partitions....C. D and E. all of which should be selected when preparing to back up and then cloned to the back up drive and all should be then restored to the internal drive when needed.

  muddypaws 14:16 06 Oct 2018

Pine Man I have just cloned successfully,but my back up drive is no longer visible in file explorer. !!!

  muddypaws 09:48 07 Oct 2018

The caddy drive has failed. Thanks for advice.

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