podlod 14:24 18 Dec 2008

Hi, I have downloaded a free software called wimponline.com. But when I have tried to open, it asked for a reg key number which invariably they send to you by email, but I received nothing. When I finally tried to receive this reg no, the product is not free, I don't quite understand what is going on. The so called free software is named `whats in my piggybank,` and it is supposed to be an Excel spreadsheet. I do posses Office 2003.

  Graham. 14:29 18 Dec 2008

Says 90 day trial here click here

  Graham. 14:35 18 Dec 2008

You will need the 2003 version of WIMP.

  lotvic 14:37 18 Dec 2008

A Free Download does not equate to Free Software

What's In My Piggybank? is not a free program - it costs £9.95p (after the trial period) click here

  podlod 09:14 19 Dec 2008

Hi, ok thanks for explaining this to me, but sometimes other software does say free, and when you download, it just is not. Thanks again.

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