willl this work

  //adz_w/// 21:23 20 Nov 2011

im thinking of getting this http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/packard-bell-easynote-tm98-gn-030uk-refurbished-15-6-laptop-08616478-pdt.html but im thinking of changing the hard drive from a 320 to a 500 gb SATA will it work ?

  northumbria61 21:43 20 Nov 2011

Yes - the current drive is SATA so should be no problem. You will need to clone the current drive to the new one unless you are doing a complete re-install from scratch.

  //adz_w/// 21:47 20 Nov 2011

urm ive never cloned a drive before on my own only with my tutor unless i just reinstall it ill need to think

  Strawballs 22:04 20 Nov 2011

When you buy the new hard drive you can download the software you need to clone from the drive makers site I think they all do it.

  northumbria61 22:06 20 Nov 2011

If you clone your old hard drive to your new one you will need a USB External Caddy/Enclosure such as this enter link description here

The new drive is fitted into this enclosure. You would have to download a software cloning program to the old hard drive, many of which are free, and this would do a complete copy (CLONE) of everything on your old drive, including your Operating System to your new drive. You then remove the old hard drive from your laptop and replace it with the new hard drive from the enclosure.

  robin_x 22:10 20 Nov 2011

Did you shop around? Must it be white?

Comet and Laskys got new PACKARD BELL TS11-HR-038UK Laptops with 1TB HDDs as standard. (£399)

HDDs are a fortune at the moment due to Thailand.

Sorry I just thought your choice looked ordinary unless I missed something? So I did a quick Google for other Easynotes.

  northumbria61 22:14 20 Nov 2011

The LINK I have given you above for the Hard Drive Enclosure is one I have myself - it is quite sturdy - looks like black plastic but is actually metal. I have just recently done a HDD Upgrade (160GB to 500GB) for a friends laptop which took just over 2hrs.

If as you say this is a refurb then it should only have the OS on it and maybe a few free programs installed so shouldn't take long to clone.

The choice is yours - unless you prefer a CLEAN install.

  //adz_w/// 22:29 20 Nov 2011

what's the link to the one you suggested with the 1 TB HDD , no i didn't shop about just looked on pc world i liked the white i dunno why i know it looks like cheap plastic but still i might go for tbat as its only £20 ish more

  northumbria61 22:39 20 Nov 2011
  //adz_w/// 22:43 20 Nov 2011

yeah i found it i dont know which one to get now haha whats you suggestion?

  robin_x 22:50 20 Nov 2011

Don't ask me(?). I don't normally post in on these recommendation threads.

Personally I would spend the extra (also 4GB not 3GB) And it's NOT PC World.

Of course I only Googled Easynotes. There may be loads of other good deals around.

(Thanks for link repost Northumbria, I was eating my supper)

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