Will XP cure Me errors on upgrade?

  [DELETED] 23:16 29 Oct 2005

I have a Dell 4100 which I want to add a bit more memory to and install XP. Currently it has Me add continually has error messages DLL ybrowser etc which are annoying to say the least.Will XP overwrite Me and cure thewse errors messages. I have heard of a wipe clean or clean install. What does this mean and do I need to do it.


  [DELETED] 23:20 29 Oct 2005

The general consensus is that a clean install is better click here

However I'm using XP on a 'puter that was upgraded from ME 4 years ago with no problem.

  Migwell 01:30 30 Oct 2005

ALWAYS ..... Wipe claen / Format the hard drive and install / re-install Windows XP. DO NOT bother with upgrade from ME OR 98 OR 98SE only sometimes work properly not always. Nott worth the bother of not going the whole hog as you might say.

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