Will this work?-please help me!

  Viv-208691 14:54 18 Dec 2004

Hi, I have a weak and unreliable wireless connection using a Linksys WAG54G router. Can someone tell me if this product is compatable? click here


  LastChip 15:15 18 Dec 2004

The reason for the vague reply, is although both the products are 802.11g, there can be minor differences in the way manufacturers implement their versions, so sometimes different manufacturers products do not play well together.

If at all possible, try and stay with the same manufacturer throughout.

You say you have an unreliable connection, but do you know why? Remember, cordless telephones, microwave ovens and the like can influence wireless connections. Even something as simple as moving your router a few feet, could improve the situation drastically.

  Kegger 15:18 18 Dec 2004

Frodo Twin,
concur exactly with LastChip, they work brilliantly on Buffalo Kit (i have instaled many of these and earlier ones) however had to do a work around to get a 3com box to talk properly. work with the buffalo software and it should be OK

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