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will wireless speakers work with the TV?

  Wendy 11:44 30 May 2012

I find sometimes the TV sound is a bit muffled. Rather than go for a hearing aid just yet, I wondered if I could put a wireless speaker or two in the room to improve the sound. Is this possible, or doesn't it work? The TV is Panasonic Viera 19inch.

  northumbria61 12:11 30 May 2012

There is a guide here for you to look at enter link description here

  Wendy 13:52 30 May 2012

Hi and thanks for both replies. I'm printing the instructions from the link.

No flock wallpaper (blimey!, no wallpaper at all - painted walls, but the TV is in a corner. I wonder if the sound is bouncing off the two walls causing the muffled effect? It's on a wall bracket.

  john bunyan 14:00 30 May 2012

I had wireless speakers for years - plugged them in to a headphone socket on the TV. In Holland I had a TV without one, but a shop repair man fitted on at a modest cost. You can, of course get special TV speaker systems.

  Wendy 14:08 30 May 2012

I had thought that the idea of wireless speakers would be that they don't need to be plugged in to the TV. Am I being over optimistic here?

  dagbladet 15:48 30 May 2012

"I had thought that the idea of wireless speakers would be that they don't need to be plugged in to the TV."

There will be a little 'widget' that plugs into the TV which sends the audio signal to the wireless speakers.

  john bunyan 16:30 30 May 2012

Yes, they usually have a headphone style plug that goes into the headphone socket of the TV (if it has one). Otherwise how would the signal get to them? They also have a Mains plug for power. I liked them in a Dutch flat as my wife and I liked different levels, and the ones I bought could be individually adjusted on the headphone to suit the wearers sound choice

  john bunyan 16:34 30 May 2012

Sorry, I was thinking you meant wireless headphones, not speakers. A similar remark applies, however.I think any speakers will need to be plugged in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 30 May 2012

Sounds like you have a Flat screen TV

If you plug speakers / headphones into the headphone socket it cuts out the TV speakers.

I connect my speaker or wireless headphones to the red and white audio out sockets via an adaptor to 3.5 jack.

That way everyone else can have sound at normal level and I can have the headphones as load as I need. :0)

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