Will this wireless setup work okay?

  [DELETED] 12:01 13 Dec 2003

I'm setting up a wireless network of 3-4 computers. I currently just have the one PC and want to get the network up and running before setting up the others.

At the moment I have a BT USB frog, that I want to get rid of and replace with the following kit.

Belkin F5D7630uk4a ADSL modem with Built-in 11g Wireless Router click here

Belkin F5D6050u 11b wireless USB network adapter. click here

I haven't got a spare PCI slot, hence the USB adapter.

Will this initial set-up work okay?

Any adice gratefully accepted.

  [DELETED] 12:19 13 Dec 2003

I can get both from Amazon for about £146 in total.

  [DELETED] 12:31 13 Dec 2003

As I will be able to cancel the order if anybody has any doubts, I have gone ahead and put the order through for both items.

Should arrive while I'm off over Christmas. Will give me something to do while the relatives are here. :)

  [DELETED] 10:54 14 Dec 2003


  Forum Editor 11:40 14 Dec 2003

although my personal preference, when it comes to wireless router/modem combinations is for the Netgear wireless cable/DSL router.

I've installed several for clients, and each time they've worked perfectly, first time, and have continued to do so. It's just my preference though, and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the Belkin model - the company makes superb products.

I use the Belkin USB adapter on my own network - they're trouble-free, and set up is easy. Install the software before connecting the adapter though.

  powerless 11:42 14 Dec 2003

Could you give a few click heres to the models you use/used?

  [DELETED] 21:20 14 Dec 2003

That's made me feel a bit happier about what I have ordered.

I didn't realise that it was quite as complex as it is. After a visit to PC World yesterday I was totally confused. The "expert" there kept changing his mind and by the time I left he was more confused than me. I knew that I would get a sensible answer on here though.

  powerless 00:37 15 Dec 2003


  Forum Editor 01:05 15 Dec 2003


click here and then

click here

  [DELETED] 15:19 05 Jan 2004

Well, I finally got my Netgear Modem/Router, and had it up and running within minutes.

It worked fine for all of 8 hours, then gave up.

I phone Netgear up, only to be told that the router was faulty and would have to be returned to Amazon. Amazon told me they couldnt get hold of another one for 6-8 weeks so gave me a refund instead (including P & P).

This morning I received the Belkin model that I originally mentioned. Hopefully this will last a bit longer than it's Netgear counterpart.

  [DELETED] 21:35 05 Jan 2004

God, what a performance that was.

I have just spent 4 hours on the phone to BT OpenWorld and Belkin.

Basically between the two of them, they had absolutely no idea what they were doing. Both were reading from scripts and neither had the slightest idea what to do when things didn't work.

In the end I managed to work out that BT had given me an incorrect VCI number (whatever that is). I got this by plugging my old USB modem in and looking at the Diagnostics. As soon as I put the correct number in everything sprang into life. So not really the Belkin guys fault I guess.

Why can't BT ever give out the right information. When I asked for this VCI number I was assured that it was correct!!! Should have known better than to believe BT.

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