Will Windows 7 reinstall from an upgrade disc?

  Pineman100 10:15 18 May 2012

I bought my HP laptop over 3 years ago with Vista installed, and the promise of a free upgrade to Windows 7. When the upgrade came through it consisted of two discs - one called "HP Upgrade Manager" which I had to run first, then I ran the Windows 7 disc, marked "For use only as an upgrade to a qualifying HP Windows 7 Upgrade PC". This has a valid MS product key sticker with it.

My overloaded laptop is now grindingly slow and it's time to reformat the HDD and reinstall W7. Does anyone know whether I can do this exactly in the same way that I originally performed the upgrade - that is, run the Upgrade Manager and then the Windows 7 disc? Or will the fact that Vista no longer exists on the computer cause some problems?

By the way, do you know what the "Upgrade Manager" disc is? Might it be various W7 drivers?

  woody 10:25 18 May 2012

Before you do anything - have you backed up all your data?

  Pineman100 10:42 18 May 2012

Not yet, Woody - at least not specifically for the reinstall. I backup regularly anyway, but will of course do so immediately before I reformat!

  onthelimit1 11:03 18 May 2012

I would have though that if you reformat, you get rid of the original Vista files giving the 'upgrade' disc nothing to upgrade!

  robin_x 11:16 18 May 2012

There are 3 well documented methods. The sevenforums link is a nice clear guide.

Even a brand new blank hard drive is no hindrance.

But it will be a clean install and you will have to re-install all your programs and restore backed up data.

If you don't want that, do an Inplace Upgrade (which used to be known as a Repair Install).

You don't boot from the DVD then. Boot to your normal W7 and double click setup and follow the guides instructions.

  mooly 11:18 18 May 2012

If it's anything like XP to Vista and the free Vista upgrade disc I receieved then yes you can.

I too receieved two discs, an Acer upgrade DVD and Vista DVD (marked as Microsoft).

I did a clean install install without using the Acer upgrade DVD. This should work for W7 too. You install it twice, and the second install is counted as a valid upgrade.

W7 should be similar to this. When installed you can then use your other disc for any missing drivers. Just use device manager and the "have disc" method and your PC will find them.

  mooly 11:19 18 May 2012
  lotvic 11:25 18 May 2012

Yes it will quite legally, ClickHere

  Pineman100 12:24 18 May 2012

Many thanks to everyone for that useful stuff.

robinofloxley - you've suggested that I try an Inplace Upgrade. Please could you clarify that a bit? If I understand you correctly, I boot up from my W7 upgrade disc, then double-click "setup". Do I understand that I will then find an option to select "Inplace Upgrade" which will repair any Windows problems?

If so, I might just try that first, before resorting to a full reformat and reinstall.

  robin_x 14:36 18 May 2012

You boot the machine normally in W7. Then run setup on the DVD.

File and Printer Sharing and other bits and bobs may need resetting when done, but all your apps and data will be intact.


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