will wifi pci card allow BB shareing?

  shortcircuit 19:02 07 May 2004

Hi all.

I have my pc which has a pci ADSL modem connected to broadband in the kitchen. I also have a lappy with a 1.6ghz centrino cpu. I use it all day in stores and H.O using WiFi access and its brill.

My question is , can I fit a wifi pci card into my PC in the kitchen and share my broadband with my lappy around the house?

If I can...how do I do this?

Thanks all


  shortcircuit 19:29 07 May 2004


  Steve N 19:32 07 May 2004

Pretty sure you can.

You would have to setup internet connection sharing on the PC with the ADSL modem and the WiFi card.

Do both Pcs run Windows XP? If so it setting this sort of thing up is fairly easy using the Wizards.

  Graham ® 19:33 07 May 2004

Nope. You need a wireless router.

  LeadingMNMs 19:33 07 May 2004

Yes, its possible You'll need to install the card and then set up a network between them (Windows provides wizards for this). This should allow you to set up Internet Connection Sharing so that the desktop machine provides access to the internet for the laptop.

  LeadingMNMs 19:34 07 May 2004

In some setups a router is advisable but not necessary. In your circumstances a router is not required.

  byfordr 19:46 07 May 2004

You can set up something called an adhoc wireless network using to wireless card. Personally I would say its worth investing in some form of router. An all-in-one effort will mean you don't have to have the host pc on to access the internet.

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  shortcircuit 21:54 07 May 2004

Thanks all.

Could I use a wireless router without BB modem and use the modem in my pc pci slot, or would I need to use a wifi ADSL router?

  Steve N 21:38 09 May 2004

I am not so sure about that one. I know you can use modems seperately with routers but from what I know they are usually of the external ethernet type and are good for use when you have cable.

If you don't mind shelling out around £100 you can get a Wireless ADSL Modem & Router.

I have a friend who has the Netgear DG834UK and says it is pretty good. They are about the size of a DVD box and mean you wouldn't have to have your PC on all the time.

It also has a built in 4 port 10/100 switch for standard Ethernet connections.

Manufacturers you may be interested in looking at for these are Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, Buffalo, Draytek. I only have experience with Netgear stuff though.

  shortcircuit 00:19 10 May 2004

Ok . thanks Steve

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