Will using an N 300mb Router improve my speed.

  prince midas 13:26 23 Jan 2011

At the moment Ihave a Vista wiress HP laptop
whic ipresume is fitted with a standard wireless connecto,it is 2 years old.

I have also a Desktop 6 years old which my son fitted a wireless card 3 years ago inside the Desktop.The both run froma Siemens Router supplied by Tiscali about 2 years ago.

I normally get about 7 GB which is good.
Tiscali tell me they have upgraded my connection to 24 Gig but I still only get 7.
If I bought a modern N router could I get a faster
connection or would I be wasting my money,I am 2 miles from my BT station.

  johndrew 13:42 23 Jan 2011

I would suggest he 'maximum' speed quoted would be under perfect conditions. As soon as others start using the connection the speed must drop; this also applies to other conditions - the line quality, distance from your local exchange etc.

You may get an improvement using a router capable of higher speed but it is a risk you should determine. If you are happy with your current speed I should save the money.

As an aside, do you mean 7MB/sec is your usual speed. 7GB/sec would be very quick.

  bremner 14:02 23 Jan 2011

The router has absolutely nothing to do with the speed you get from your ISP Tiscali.

Run Speedtest click here this will tell you what Tissali are supplying you.

The router, if it is 802.11g will have a maximum speed of 54MBps far above anything you will get from the ISP. As johndrew has stated an N Router (802.11n) will have the potential of offering faster speeds at greater ranges.

  961 14:18 23 Jan 2011

Two different things going on here within your router

Your ADSL modem within the router connects to your ISP and depends on the quality of the modem chip and what your ISP is providing over your telephone connection (BT line probably)

Your wireless bit of the router provides signals to your desktop and laptop. Later 802.11n routers will provide better faster connections within your property over longer distances through thicker walls

But they'll make no difference to the speed of your internet connection

  prince midas 14:53 23 Jan 2011

Using the speedtest you gave me speed is 10287 kp
which seems fast.Is it.

Looks like I would be wasting my money.

  woodchip 15:02 23 Jan 2011

Think also you mean Meg not Gig

  bremner 15:15 23 Jan 2011

It means your Ticali connection is around 10Mbps out of their claimed maximum of 24Mbps, fairly typical.

Unless you are experiencing wireless connection issues then you would probably notice no difference upgrading to an N router.

  961 15:23 23 Jan 2011

Most folk in UK would die for 10Mbps

I can't work out why this should be considered poor because for most purposes, unless you want to stream movies etc, it's just fine

I'm getting 7Mbps which would have been considered impossible only three or four year's ago

A new 802.11n router may improve your wireless connections but could, depending on the modem chip, result in poorer internet download speeds

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