will two HDDs go into one ?

  joeltr 11:02 26 Oct 2004

my pc went belly up two weeks ago, there was nothing but a black screen, a friend looked at it and said he thought it was the integrated graphics, he took out the HDD and tested it and it worked fine, in the meantime i bought a new pc with an 80HDD, dvdrom, dvdrw, 512ram, 2600amd prc, intregrated graphics, xp, my query is, can i get my two HDDs to work together?, i have all my files etc on my old drive, so could i remove everything off my new drive, and make it as one unit? is there a solution to my problem?, thanks, joel.

  joseph K 11:52 26 Oct 2004

This may help: click here

  joseph K 11:55 26 Oct 2004

Never get it right first time! click here

  PSF 12:00 26 Oct 2004

You can fit the old one into your pc as a slave drive. From there you can copy all your files you need back to the new drive.

You can then use the old drive as a backup in case anything happens to the main drive.

It is straight forward to do, you have to move the small jumper plug on the old drive to the Slave position,

connect the slave drive to the middle IDE cable connector, your existing drive with XP must be the end one, (The pc will boot from this one.)

connect the power. If your bios is set to auto detect your new hard drive will be detected and you can then use it as a slave to the new one.

  captain birdseye 12:02 26 Oct 2004

Do you need it to be one drive? You could put your old hdd in as a slave drive and simply access your files.
as above but copy your files accross and then remove the old (slave) hdd.
If you use the old hdd as a slave (either permanent or temporary) you will have to set the jumpers on one or possibly both drives.

Hope this helps.

  joseph K 12:07 26 Oct 2004

Don't understand why that doesn't work, but it's at (www)neoseeker.com/articles/hardware/guides/buildyour pc/6.html, or last try! click here . If that link works: praise the lawd!

  joeltr 13:53 26 Oct 2004

sorry for the delay in getting back,thanks for replies, its not important to make it one drive, i was wondering about having two windows xp on one machine, will it be possible to have them both installed together? joel.

  PSF 13:58 26 Oct 2004

Yes you can have two hard drives with XP on, as long as one is master and one is slave it will only boot from the master drive. You can then delete XP from the slave and use it for storage.

  joeltr 14:07 26 Oct 2004

thanks very much for that, i will have a go at it,cheers everyone, joel.

  joeltr 13:15 28 Oct 2004

i am about to have a go at putting my original Hdd into my new pc, i have taken the small clip out of the jumper connections to make it slave, i am concerned about having two xp systems on one machine, ideally i would like to use my old Hdd as master, but will my new pc allow me to do that, i thought i could format my new Hdd and wipe it clean and maybe do a raid config, i am a bit wary as to what will happen once i install both drives, any advice would be very welcome, joel.

  joeltr 15:59 28 Oct 2004


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