Will Tiscali ever get it right...:-)

  Stuartli 18:56 29 Sep 2003

I recently posted a thread regarding Tiscali's £2 price increase for its Tiscali 50 service, which will be £9.99 from October 16th.

It doesn't take a genius to realise that Tiscali's DayTime or DayTime Plus offers far superior value at £4.99 for unlimited use from 8am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays or the weekends as well with DayTime Plus.

My mate, who uses Tiscali 50 for e-mails and information sent by manufacturers on stocks, pricing etc., quickly recognised that the £4.99 service does all he requires at half the price; any Saturday connections would be on a pay as you go basis.

So he signed up for DayTime and was informed he would be sent an e-mail with the new dialup connection number.

Yes, you've guessed, Tiscali terminated the Tiscali 50 service BEFORE sending the e-mail with all his new phone number information.....

So, for anyone in the same boat, if you have signed for Daytime, delete the last four digits and substitute 3151 in the settings or 3057 for DayTime Plus.

  MAJ 19:27 29 Sep 2003

I hope they start to get things right, Stuartli, I've signed up with them for a BB connection, just waiting on the modem now, but I'm dreading trying to cancel my Anytime package, they usually mess that up bigtime, or at least they used to.

  spuds 20:08 29 Sep 2003

Freeserve can be just as guilty. A friend of mine transferred from dial-up to their broadband, stating that he wanted his old connection terminated when the broadband connection was made, so that he had an internet connection all the time. You guessed it.They terminated is dial-up a week before BT made his broadband connection.Then Freeserve even tried to charge him for the lost week.So it is not just Tiscali that make mistakes.

  MAJ 20:13 29 Sep 2003

I would be quite happy with that senario, spuds, Tiscali were the direct opposite, they would continue charging for the connection (on your credit card) months after it was supposed to be terminated.

  Stuartli 09:30 01 Oct 2003

More chaos from Tiscali.

This morning I tried to switch from Tiscali 50 to DayTime Plus; first the website would not recognise my e-mail address and the 0845 helpline operators wanted me to ring Support on the 50p a number to find out why it was proving a problem.

I pointed out it was Tiscali's fault, not mine, so in the end it was suggested I use my alternative username e-mail address - this worked.

So I signed up for DayTime Plus and everything seemed to go smoothly - fat chance!

I found I had been signed up for the DayTime service only, which is just five days a week.

Back to the 0845 helpline and requests for the reason why this was so.

I was then asked to ring the billing department, which I did, to be informed that Tiscali was having "technical problems" with the DayTime Plus signup and would I try again in the middle of the month?

Why this hasn't apparently been posted on the website is beyond me, especially as the Service Status page reports all is well in Tiscali land.

So, hopefully, I'm still on Tiscali 50 and able to use my Internet service....:-)

One day, perhaps, Tiscali WILL get it right.

  Chegs ® 12:41 01 Oct 2003

....and pigs might fly!!

  Stuartli 09:19 02 Oct 2003

Yes, you've guessed right again!

Tried to log onto Tiscali this morning using the Tiscali 50 number - no dice.

Eventually cotton on that despite yesterday's assurances that I would not have the unwanted DayTime service activated today, I have been.

Change number to DayTime to check and get straight through.

Ring Tiscali's billing department yet again. Peter listens to my angry remonstrations, goes away, comes back - Sorry, Tiscali 50 is no longer available and we can't change you back.

Point out that it is Tiscali's error and Tiscali's only and that I had been assured my Tiscali 50 service would stand until middle of the month; still no joy.

Point out to him the fact that the nationwide tales of Tiscali's renowned record of cockups and sheer inefficiency are being thoroughly vindicated - still no joy.

Why do the Great British Public have to put up with such demonstrably incapble organisations, starting from New Labour downwards, at the same time paying through the nose for such inefficiency?

And why do such organisations continue to employ staff who promise you what you want, presumably in the expectation of getting rid of what is proving, to them personally, an understandably angry/awkward customer?

Hopefully, sufficient publicity about Tiscali's immunity from questioning - most contact has to be done by e-mail - will encourage the unsuspecting to ignore those free join-up disks which prove such a nuisance in computer magazines.

  Stuartli 10:08 02 Oct 2003

Seems somewhat more than a coincidence that these claimed "technical problems" are due to be solved by the middle of October - that's the time that the new pricing for various packages comes into effect (16th).

Even an e-mail I received from a female member of the customer relations (!) department this morning answered a question that I had never asked - even though the original message, requesting confirmation that my Tiscali 50 account would be retained for the moment, is outlined at the bottom of the e-mail she's sent.

As Richard Littlejohn would say: "You couldn't make it up".

  Stuartli 09:17 06 Oct 2003

More bumbling incompetence and inefficiency from Tiscali over the weekend - it's beginning to rival New Labour for first spot in the league.

Rita, the helpful lady from the customer relations department, after yet another e-mail from me about the situation, stated she would contact the billing department with a request for immediate attention.

On Saturday, she e-mailed again with instructions to make a further attempt to switch to DayTime Plus rather than DayTime.

I did successfully, only to be greeted with the information that the switch would be undertaken on November 2nd...:-) There is no reason I can work out for November 2nd being chosen, working on a monthly payment basis, as the change from Tiscali 50 was done late September.

Even more incredibly, I then received an e-mail from the Upgrade department confirming the switch date, adding that the new dialup telephone number would be e-mailed to me on - yes, you've got it right first time - November 2nd.

As I will have been already switched from DayTime to DayTime Plus on that day and therefore without a connection to Tiscali, it's the same scenario as that suffered by my friend, who had to ring me to find out the new dialup number.

As I've said previously: "You couldn't make it up".

Rita has tried her best, but is clearly up against a company where the management appears to deserve a shaking of heads and a need to adopt a (large) dose of common sense.

  gold 47 13:21 06 Oct 2003

Why do you all put up with this ISP?? there are far better ones on the market.

  j3nks 14:39 06 Oct 2003

If your not happy just try another provider, I did I have a small local provider who provides a great service admitadly a bit more expensive than most but as they mainly deal with business users I get great speed when surfing at night.
If it all goes wrong I can go and knock o their door.
Much better than some callcenter in india or somewhere else.
I wont touch one of the bigger providers as there are somany bad reports, especilay the ones that provide CD's in all the magazines.

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