Will They Ever Learn?

  crosstrainer 08:13 31 Aug 2009

...After lengthy phone call last night to my Sister in law in New Zealand, I sorted her laptop up.

It would not boot, was infected with 100+ nasties, and when I had her up and running again, I enquired about her AV and anti spyware protection.

"Oh it just came with the machine, I've never upgraded or renewed it"

The machine contains all her critical data (she is a professional caterer with her own business)

When I explained that the protection software needs to be updated, and renewed..She finally spent $65 (NZ) how cheap is that to protect the most important part of your PC /Lappy?

  rdave13 08:19 31 Aug 2009

They usually learn when it's too late. To be fair ,though, a lot of people just want to use their PC and have no interest whatsoever about the workings of the machine.

  crosstrainer 08:22 31 Aug 2009

When I was teaching, My favourite question to students was "What is the most important item in your machine?"

Ram? No

CPU, obviously not.

It's the damn data man!!!

  rdave13 08:28 31 Aug 2009

It's surprising how many annoyed people have said to me, after cleaning up their machines, something along the lines of "if you buy a car you just use it, you don't expect to have to buy a guard dog as well".....

  crosstrainer 08:31 31 Aug 2009

So I guess the answer to my question is "No" they will never learn. It has a knock on effect on us all though...She recently sent me some photo's and every one was so badly infected that I could not do anything but delete them.

Perhaps now, I will get to see the kids :))

  crosstrainer 08:34 31 Aug 2009

..But perhaps people who use machines in this manner should be "Offline"?

Hat, coat, doggies, will check back shortly.

  skidzy 08:41 31 Aug 2009

" was infected with 100+ nasties "

I think your sister got off lightly CT.It could have been a lot worse as you know.....isn't it just amazing how people all know about viruses etc,but do nowt about it until its to late.

Lets hope lesson learnt :-)

  jack 08:51 31 Aug 2009

To do things with- to most people these days
To this end of course- the manufacturers/sellers are mostly to be blamed
Plug and play - Simple to use -just switch on and go
and sure enough- that's what the majority of the users do.
Anti Virus? 'Wot like Swine Flue?
Spam! wassat -like with chips - Yeah!
I got a Trojan- is that terrible then?

I am afraid the majority use their machines in this way.
Including some that I know that have had their machines so long and been in trouble time and time again,it still has not sunk in- as I can atest by the nummber of E-mail/phone calls I get from the same folk over and over again

  skidzy 08:59 31 Aug 2009

This sort of thread is exactly why i started this thread ( an update on the old one )...even to enlighten some !!

Obviously a little old now,but the basics still apply and probably worth a bump.

Safe and Clean Computers click here

  jack 09:03 31 Aug 2009

That most folk limit their use of these machine to a narrow band of application - and explore no further.
Of my flock- one [an ex banker] is into all the financial applications spreadsheets etc., but meaningful searching or holiday photo editing is beyond him[ and I guess- now in his mid eighties- nothing will change.
Another -who is my best mate and 25 year ago was into military electronics and taught me the elements of computing - we to gether turning thing like Ataris sows ears into Wondermachines of their time -produced manuals for our educational groups - etc- now does wonders in Photoshop and a little bit of surfing- and anything more he his on the phone to me asking- 'How do I?...or more recently -What is a PDF file?- I guess as our lives get busier and busier and we all get older and older- stuff gets left out of our lives more and more.

  jack 09:10 31 Aug 2009

Wrote skidzy

Trouble is posting here is preaching to the converted.
Telling any of my flock to tune into here falls on deaf ears for the most part-even though I have set them up,for this site when attending to their other problems- they still just as soon phone/email[If it is working] me.

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