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This will sound like a daft question but

  laptopdunce 11:50 23 Dec 2016

I have found from somones post on here (Northumbria) a classic GPO phone ring for a mobile phone, I had the old phone ring on my old Sony wlakman W810i phone but had to delete everything when some idiot sent me gigantic photos that blocked everything up, I have downloaded this mp3 format phone ring but how do I put it into my old w810i phone? thanks (in the properties file it says it is an MP3 of 301kb - I dont think I have a cable to transer things for this phone but I have the SDcard adaptor that makes the SD card from the phone fit into the computer, can I do it like this? and what do I do in the phone when I have it on the phone;s SD card? thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:08 23 Dec 2016

click here manual page 48

put it on the sd card

go to ringtones add ringtone from the file on the sdcard.

  laptopdunce 20:09 25 Dec 2016

Oh, thanks for that, I didnt have that instruction manual, I managed to get the tone of and old GPO phone (and loud enough, some are so faint you cant hear them) and put it in the phone, God knows how I will go on when I HAVE to change to a smart phone!! I HATE them because im so afraid of them!! laptopdunce

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