Will Someone Help Please!

  pcolvin00 21:43 18 Jan 2003
  pcolvin00 21:43 18 Jan 2003

Been getting this Blue Screen ever since my dad pulled the plug on my computer ages ago. Since then it's never started up first time, or it'll load most of the way but then lock up completely. Running Win98 First Edition.

Blue Screen Says:-


A fatal exception OE has occured at 015F:BFF83BEA.
The current application will be terminated.
* Press any key to restart the current application
* Press CTRL+ALT+DEL again to restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all your applications.

If you need any more details just ask and I'll put them up.

  Djohn 21:50 18 Jan 2003

Possible overheating problem, check all fans are working ok. J.

  eccomputers 21:53 18 Jan 2003

sounds like either hard drive or memory.

  siarad 21:55 18 Jan 2003

Just re-install you won't loose anything

  pcolvin00 21:58 18 Jan 2003

Fans = All Working OK (ie going round)
HDD = What do I need to check?, can still access everything, scandisk finds no probs
MEMORY - 1 * 133Mhz 256MB Chip, running down to motherboard speed (100Mhz) & 1*100Mhz 64MB Chip, running normally. Got full access to 320MB, recognised in System Properties.

What else could/should I do?

  Belatucadrus 22:10 18 Jan 2003

I've had a look on various other helpdesks at Microsoft, Google and others. There are other people around with BFF83BEA errors, but beyond a thought that it could be an overheating problem, zilch in the way of anything useful. Looks like time to re-install.

  ellas 22:24 18 Jan 2003

long shot but it could have corrupted the bios,try taking battery out for a while then when you put it back in enter bios and reenter the defaults.

  BlueMeanie 23:43 18 Jan 2003

Do you have McAfee installed ? - if so this could be the problem.

  pcolvin00 10:42 19 Jan 2003

Fans = All working (CPU and PSU fans) (ie Going round)
Memory = 1 * 133Mhz SDRAM DIMM in Slot2 on M/B (running at 100Mhz due to speed of M/B) AND 1 * 100Mhz 64MB SDRAM in Slot1 on M/B.

All 320MB recognised in System Properties, all accessible in Windows Programs.

HDD 1 * 2.1GB HDD (Boot Disk) and 1 * 10GB HDD (Secondary Storage). Both run scandisk fine, no errors. Defragged recently. All data area accessible.

  Rtus 10:51 19 Jan 2003

The 2 dimms fitted of different speed can cause just this problem (and more) If your board Fsb is 100mhz then try with only that dim in (remove the 133 dim) Boot into safe mode (or dos)and run scandisk from there it may require a full surface scan. when this is complete shut the unit down and then reboot see if the error still occurs > post back.

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