will sdram reduce performance of ddr if both......

  toni b 03:12 11 Nov 2003

I have just installed a new programe on my laptop to discover I have 256 sdram as well as the upgrade of 512ddr will the sdram reduce the over all performance of the ddr ram ,also this tool click here says I have a 1.4 proccessor but I always believed I had a 1.5 processor not significant but does this mean my processor is being clocked a little or is the programme is reading the cpu wrong? is there any way I can improve the use of all that memory ? because the 256 is in the first slot will there be any improvement if I was to put the 512 in first slot?
Reagards Toni

  toni b 03:18 11 Nov 2003

Have have once upgraded my bios and was just wondering when I reinstall xp software to oem settings does it change bios back to original?or wll it keep to the newer version ?
Reagrds Toni

  Terrahawk 03:33 11 Nov 2003

the ram question i dont have an answer i did not actually think you could mix ram types. As for the bios upgrade your operating system should not affect the settings of your bios

  Rose 08:13 11 Nov 2003

You should not run two different types of RAM in the same system. Either SDRAM or DDR RAM but NOT both.

If you have flashed your BIOS you will need to reconfigure your settings as the new BIOS will be running default settings.

  Gongoozler 08:27 11 Nov 2003

toni b, Belarc Advisor is an excellent tool for finding what you have on your computer, but it isn't infallible. I don't think your computer will work with both SDRAM and DDR. I also wouldn't take too much notice of the reported processor speed (and I don't think you would be able to tell the difference between a computer running with a 1.4G processor and one running 1.5G).

Another good analysis tool, and more comprehensive, is AIDA32, but again it is not infallible. click here

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