Will samsung note N8010 Wifi work in Dominican Republic

  Panda69 13:30 06 Jul 2014

Hi I am buying a samsung note tablet for my boyfriend, he lives in the Dominican Republic . Will the N8010 wifi work in that country.


  Woolwell 13:42 06 Jul 2014

Wifi tends to be standard worldwide (not like cellnet). It should work. People take tablets on holiday or for work to many different countries and don't have wifi problems.

  Woolwell 13:43 06 Jul 2014

Ps Support may be a different issue and if you are not buying in Dominican Republic then I suggest that you check import duties which could work out very expensive.

  Panda69 13:56 06 Jul 2014

Thank you for your reply, the reason I asked question is because I saw this on a webpage

8000 - Wifi+3G+calling 8005 - Wifi+3G 8010 - Wifi (Except USA) 8013 - Wifi (Only USA

And thought as Dominican Republic not far from USA there would be an issue with wifi.


  Woolwell 14:59 06 Jul 2014

It is the 3G not wifi. Are you buying the 3G (cellnet) version? If so there could be a problem with 3G.

  Woolwell 15:00 06 Jul 2014

I have a son who lives overseas. I find it is better to buy electronics in that country.

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