Will router change improve my speed

  ponytail 10:09 14 Mar 2018

This may be a silly question but is it possible to increase my laptops performace by changing the router.My current router is a Plusnet Hub One.I was browsing on Amazon and there are so many at all different prices.On example enclosed click here

  ponytail 14:36 19 Mar 2018

My laptop is in one room upstairs and my wifes in another room would we need two units upstairs one in either room or would one do for both rooms.

  wee eddie 14:47 19 Mar 2018

If you buy a set the creates a WiFi spot at its far end, one should be sufficient.

The advantage of Power-line equipment is that your can place your Router right next to your Master Socket, regardless where it is in the house. Which gives you a better speed

One thing to remember. The signal does not work well if you expect it to go through an Adapter Plug. That's why the Pass-through variants are so useful

  bumpkin 21:14 19 Mar 2018

The advantage of Power-line equipment is that your can place your Router right next to your Master Socket, regardless where it is in the house.

Fine if you have a hard wired socket on the same ring main in the same location. I have tried these myself and whilst they are OK but was not overly impressed. Still often no signal in the garden despite their range claims. Just my experience, others think they are great, I suppose it depends on one's circumstances.

  Forum Editor 07:59 20 Mar 2018

"I suppose it depends on one's circumstances."

Which is why I posted a link to our article about extending WiFi coverage - there are other technologies that do the job.

Powerline equipment can be very good, but it depends on the ring-main wiring and its connections being in perfect condition. If the mains wiring is in any way faulty the equipment will not work well, The problem is, you won't know until you try.

At home, I have been using this WiFi range extender It works like a dream, and I can simply move it from room to room if I need to. So far, it has remained in the same place, and provides an excellent increase in fast WiFi coverage.

  ponytail 09:54 20 Mar 2018

Hi eddie just a few more questions does the Ethernet cable from the 2nd adaptor stay plugged into the laptop I presume it does.And if I take the laptop to another room I just take the 2nd adaptor with it and plug it into a socket in the other room.I have been browsing for a suitable set but cannot see any which will create a new wi-fi hot spot.How will that be described in the advert.Most seem to be pass through

  ponytail 10:12 20 Mar 2018

Also how is the pairing done.Do you have to press 2 buttons at the same time or is there just the one pairing button.Do both adaptors need to be plugged in to do the pairing I presume they do but just want to check

  wee eddie 12:10 20 Mar 2018

ponytail: I can only tell you what I have done and my opinion on the type of equipment that I'm recomending.

I cannot hold your hand while you make the decision, nor can I tell you how to operate a set of kit that you haven't yet bought.

There are things about your household that only you really know and, I'm afraid, you'll have to decide

  Forum Editor 13:08 20 Mar 2018

wee eddie is right.

After seven pages and more than 60 posts on this subject, I think you have had a very generous measure of advice, and more than enough information on which to base a purchase decision.

By all means come back to your thread, should you need help on any specific problems, once you have purchased your chosen solution. Everything will come with its own set of clear instructions.

  ponytail 13:16 20 Mar 2018

Yes I agree it has dragged on and I really appreciate all the advice and will be getting adaptors tomorrow and they should come with the instructions.But will let you know what happens.Once again thanks to you all.

  ponytail 13:16 22 Mar 2018

Just to let you all know but am still trying to get the Adaptors have tried Curry PC World,Maplin and Amazon.I can get Pass through which do not have wireless at the end or ones which have wireless at the end but are not pass through so will have to keep on looking.At least I know what to do when I eventually get them.

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