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Will router change improve my speed

  ponytail 10:09 14 Mar 2018

This may be a silly question but is it possible to increase my laptops performace by changing the router.My current router is a Plusnet Hub One.I was browsing on Amazon and there are so many at all different prices.On example enclosed click here

  ponytail 11:13 17 Mar 2018

How about this one click here

  ponytail 11:14 17 Mar 2018

Just spotted the error PasS Through Socket NO

  ponytail 11:25 17 Mar 2018

Hi Again Eddie still browsing and wasjust reading this especially the install section at the end where you put the second unit. click here that the same as what you suggested


  ponytail 11:32 17 Mar 2018

Am I correct in thinking both units will remain connected by a ethernet cable.One to the router and one to the laptop and if I want to use the laptop in another room I just have to move the plug to the new room

  wee eddie 11:47 17 Mar 2018

The connection between the them is your mains cables. Once the Base, which is adjacent to your Router and if Pass-Through using the same mains socket, is paired with number two, or even a third. These can be placed anywhere in the house that is on the same circuit as the Mains Fuse Box. For most of us, that's the whole house.

The secondary plugs, preferably also pass-through, can be anywhere in the house and if you have bought the correct type, set up a new WiFi Point and also allow for an Ethernet connection, more expensive ones have twin Ethernet Ports.

  wee eddie 11:53 17 Mar 2018

If you buy a slightly cheaper one, that does not set up a WiFi Spot, you can stick it in your pocket and plug it in anywhere on the property.

Many people use these in their "Shed" or "Garden Pavilion" which take their power supply from the house

  ponytail 15:30 18 Mar 2018

I have just remembered that there is a phone socket in the room upstairs where the laptop is the only problem is it is not connected to the phone line.If I can get someone to sort that out and put a double socket there I can connect the router to it with the Ethernet cable.Depends what needs doing plus I can put a phone in the room as well.Will make some enquiries in the morning.

  Forum Editor 16:02 18 Mar 2018

Before you go any further, I suggest that you read this. It will shed light on the various options available to you.

  ponytail 19:27 18 Mar 2018

I think that is what wee eddie has suggested

  ponytail 14:32 19 Mar 2018

Hi eddie are the following any good click here

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