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Will router change improve my speed

  ponytail 10:09 14 Mar 2018

This may be a silly question but is it possible to increase my laptops performace by changing the router.My current router is a Plusnet Hub One.I was browsing on Amazon and there are so many at all different prices.On example enclosed click here

  ponytail 13:12 15 Mar 2018

This is what I saw on Google would love a opinion click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:38 15 Mar 2018

That looks OK

Just plug an ethernet cable into one of the spare ports (usually yellow) on the router and the other end into the port on the laptop.

Switch off the wireless on the laptop ASUS (General) - Fn+F2. (some models may have a separate switch) to make sure its runing viaa cable and not still on the wireless connection. you should see a wireless icon bottom right of the taskbar you may be able to switch it off by clicking on the icon and select flight mode.

When the cable is connected you may also se an icon appear for the network connection in the same place.

An 802.11n card is what is expected on your laptop and if your getting 15.87 then that is not a bad speed of course 26 - 28 is much better

I'm connected by ethernet cable but only get 9 on a good day but tha is good enouh to browse and stream iplayer without interuptions etc.

  ponytail 15:01 15 Mar 2018

The following is what I have next to the Laptop. click here

  ponytail 16:05 15 Mar 2018

This item is connected to nothing and the only lead is the one with the 13amp plug fitted and is plugged in so what is it's use. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 15 Mar 2018

None, because it has probably been replaced by your Plusnet One Hub

plug the ethernet cable into one of the yellow ports on the Plusnet Hub and the other into your laptop.

  ponytail 20:40 15 Mar 2018

This has never been connected to my laptop as I have a talktalk router downstairs which has been replaced by the Plusnet Router. When I was with Talktalk I had the router downstairs as that was the only place I could put it and this Modem was upstairs next to the laptop.Why did I need this Modem.Bit puzzled.

  ponytail 09:35 16 Mar 2018

I have just checked the speed on this site The first three readings were done wirelessly and the second three wired. 38.30,37.85 and 26.93 38.80,38.33 and 37.99 When I took these readings the laptop was only a few feet from the router.

  john bunyan 10:33 16 Mar 2018

Well then your laptop gets about the same speed wirelessly as wired. I am still not clear if your router is up or downstairs- forget the old Talk Talk one? If downstairs, what wireless speed do you get on the laptop upstairs? If a big drop consider a pair of home plugs as advised earlier

  ponytail 12:38 16 Mar 2018

The router is downstairs as there is nowhere up stairs to plug it in and the laptop is upstairs connected wirelessly.Have just checked the wireless speed with the laptop upstairs and the readings were. Download 33.91,31.16 and 24.17 Uploads 0.59,0.76 and 3.26

  ponytail 12:41 16 Mar 2018

Hi Fruitbat am unble to do the following as the Plusnet Router is downstairs and the laptop is upstairs. one, because it has probably been replaced by your Plusnet One Hub

plug the ethernet cable into one of the yellow ports on the Plusnet Hub and the other into your laptop.

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