Will Recovery Console wipe some/all saved files?

  Lincoln-Y 22:16 19 Jun 2004

I've never used Recovery Console before and wondered how safe my saved files will be when I use it to fix a problem on my other pc. The pc just reboots and shuts down, over and over, so backing them up is impossible. I will be following the instructions from the Microsoft website but it doesn't mention any dangers and I have exhausted all other (safer?) options I have found.
Thankyou for any info.

  Lionheart ? 22:21 19 Jun 2004

Sounds like you may have a virus.

  stalion 22:23 19 Jun 2004

try here click here

  Lionheart ? 22:24 19 Jun 2004

Read this thread click here

  Lincoln-Y 22:25 19 Jun 2004

According to the Microsoft website, Kernel32.dll file is missing or damaged. They give full instructions on how to fix it but I'm a little worried about losing all my saved data.

  Lionheart ? 22:27 19 Jun 2004

Have a look here for the .dll click here

  stalion 22:29 19 Jun 2004

kernell32.dll here if you replace it by puttintit in your windows system folder it should be ok

  THE TERMINATOR 22:30 19 Jun 2004

I take it you have two pc's, why don't you install the drive from your other pc into the one that is working ok. You can then back-up all the files you want and if you have an up-to -date virus checker you might be able to rid the virus as well, by scanning the disk. Then when you put it back in the other machine it should boot-up....TT

  stalion 22:30 19 Jun 2004

link here click here

  Lincoln-Y 22:45 19 Jun 2004

Thanks for the ideas. I cant get anything except recovery console on the problem pc, it won't even start in safe mode and I'm afraid swapping hard drives is beyond me, this pc is years old and the troublesome one is less than a year out of warranty.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:28 20 Jun 2004

what folder are your files in on your problem pc? If they are not in my documnts folder then you have nothing to worry about. But even if they are, they should still be there when you have re-installed XP from the recovery console....TT

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